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Aug 5, 2009 04:39 PM

Propane Taxi

Has anyone started using this company? First tank is just $10 ? Sounds like a pretty good idea, and the price is cheaper than my local Home Depot/Lowes. Just curious to hear if anyones tried it.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I take it this is a place that refills cooking propane tanks as opposed to a company that uses cars-for-hire fueled by propane.

      Well, OK, I found the web site I see how they know if this is your first order (you need to sign in and it's a delivery service). Still, they can bring me a full tank tomorrow for $5, a very good deal. However, like the "first six months for $19.95/month" offers, I'd like to know what the "normal" cost is.

      If only there was an equivalently inexpensive and no-hassle service for charcoal. At current prices, I have to wait for holiday weekends when Home Depot puts Kingsford briquets on sale, or go to Restaurant Depot for real charcoal.

      1. I've been using Propane Taxi for 2 years and absolutely love it. It seems that whenever I need a new tank, I can get a new one delivered for free by the next day. They are always on time, have never had any problems with delivery. I have two tanks, so that we never run out midway through grilling. I would definitely recommend the service, you can usually get great coupons if you sign up for their email newsletter.

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        1. re: emilyrtx

          I actually just used the service for the first time in the past week. $10 for the first tank delivered is a no-brainer. But even at $19.99, it's cheap enough to use every time. They deliver for free twice a week it seems. I always have two tanks, one being used and one on standby. So, even if I have to wait 3 days for the next tank to show up, I'm good. Plus, their tanks are 17lbs instead of the usual 15lbs. My local Lowes and Home Depots run at about $17-18, so the premium is very small and to me worth it.

          1. re: Pool Boy

            Don't take this the wrong way, but why have propane delivered? Is it that much trouble to just go to the store and have it refilled? How bout this instead? Use Blue Hippo. Is that the name? What a great idea. If there's no hardware store or home center near-by, you go to a place like 7-eleven and get a full propane tank in exchange for your empty one. No fuss, no hassle, no wait. Not sure about the pricing. Otherwise, buy two tanks and always refill one right away when it gets empty and you'll always have a backup. I have saved many grilled items that way. Just a thought.

            1. re: jac0077

              You have the issue exactly right, JAC0077, but draw the wrong conclusion. Why go to the trouble of schlepping to the store just to have your propane tank refilled or swap for pre-filled tank? Propane Taxi comes fast, is cheap, and I don't have to run around town! 2 yrs. + for me without a hitch . . . .

              1. re: Bonz

                Yeah, I hear ya. Personal preference I guess. I'm also lucky in that Strosnider's Hardware in Bethesda (one of the best hardware stores in the USA) is a few minutes away. They have a little shack on their parking lot where they fill tanks. Perhaps not the cheapest propane price, but surely convenient and quick. I never, ever have to wait for service or endure a long line of customers.

                1. re: jac0077

                  I love Strosniders! I used to use them for propane. Now I have eliminated the need to unhook my tank, haul to car, drive, park, haul to fill, and then do all of it again in reverse . . . .

                  1. re: jac0077

                    That is fine if you have 1) a store near you where you can get your propane and 2) a car.

                    Seeing as I have neither, I use Propane Taxi and really like it. The price is very competitive and I've yet to see any hidden charge. Plus, they deliver very promptly.

                    1. re: katecm

                      I have a car and access to several places to get rack upon rack of prefilled propane tanks just a few miles from my house. The biggest drag is *remembering* that I have an empty tank sitting around (I have 2) and then *remembering* to go out and get a new one/trade-in. I normally do not hit the hardware store on a regular basis, so it is a separate stop for me. Paying a $1-$2 premium, for me, is worth it. All I ever have to do is order it online, sit the tank on my porch, and I show up that night with a fresh tank. The only thing easier would be to invest in a gas line from my garage to a built in grill (which would be expensive!).

                      1. re: Pool Boy

                        It IS expensive to do that! We looked into that, thinking it would be a few hundred bucks and would pay for itself. Well, the first quote was $1200 and the second was $850! Mind you that the gas line is right up against the back wall of my house so they would literally need to extend it two or three feet. Needless to say, we went the propane route!

          2. Just used PropTaxi this week for the first time--all went just as advertised: discount on the first tank, AND, I believe, the tanks are slightly larger than the typical HD/Lowes (17 vs 15lb) so an even better deal. I'll be recommending to neighbors.

            1. Been using them for a while. Price is maybe a buck more than HD, but once you add in the value of your time and gas, it is a deal. We always keep two from them in case one runs out. Always on time delivery (usually before noon).

              Very happy with the service. Pretty much everyone in my office uses them as well without any issues.