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Aug 5, 2009 04:34 PM

ISO: American Steak house / set menu in the SGV area?

Recently went to Taiwan for a trip. On my last night, the host family took me to Wang Steak as a farewell. The restaurant only serves set menu per person for NT 1,200, or somewhere around $37 USD. I'm hoping to for insight on finding a restaurant that is similar to Wang Steak.. For a beter idea, here's the English menu:

choice of Salad
choice of Soup
choice of Main course
Plum Sweet Juice
Seasonal fruit
choice of Dessert
choice of Drinks

The family of 4 will be coming for a visit. Are there any American style steak house similar to it? I'm just trying to avoid Chinese style as it doesn't really satisfy my taste bud. Something like Ruth's Chris, Edwards Steakhouse, Charley Brown...etc.

Money is no issue... well.. as long as it's not $200 per person or something like that. I'm within the San Gabriel Valley... Pasadena... Los Angeles... Arcadia... Alhambra...

Much appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

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  1. "The family of 4 will be coming for a visit."

    Which family is that? The host family from Taiwan? Wouldn't they like a "traditional American steak dinner" that doesn't follow the typical Asian "set menu" protocol?

    I say take 'em to any place you mentioned above, or any of the other steak places mentioned here frequently, and let them order from the menu...

    1. That Wang Steak looked pretty good. Don't think there's anything similar that's "all inclusive" like you had there that would come close in quality and price.
      Pasadena I'd recommend Arroyo Chop House. It's a la carte but I think it's one of the better steakhouses in the SGV.

      Arroyo Chop House
      536 S Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena, CA 91105

      1. Closest I can think of is the "Famous prix fixe menu" at Porterhouse Bistro in Beverly HIlls

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          And through Sept. 10 Porterhouse Bistro is offering their 4 course dinner PLUS 2 alcoholic drinks of your choice (martini's - sidecar's - manhattan's - whatever) from Monday through Thursday night for $30.24.

        2. Taylor's steakhouse in La Canada is about as good a steakhouse as you're going to find that's family friendly and at the lower end of the price spectrum for good steaks. It's a la carte but the side dishes are large and will work for two. Get the Mary Salad.

          1. There is a Ruth's Chris in Pasadena....

            369 E Colorado Blvd
            Pasadena, CA 91101-1909
            (626) 583-8122

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              Went there and had the $39 Summer Special Menu (3 courses). Don't order the roasted tomato & crab soup...tasted like marinara sauce with some crab sprinkled on top. Filet wasn't that great...kind of tasteless.


              1. re: monku

                Most filets are tasteless.

                Arroyo Chop House is nice, but what about Houstons, right down the street? They do a pretty decent steak dinner. And I'm picky about my steak. Plus they have a decent bar.