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Aug 5, 2009 04:31 PM

Baton Rouge butchery

I'm looking for more unusual meats around the BR area. Particularly, I'm looking for things like sweetbreads, pork/beef hearts, raw pork shanks, cheek meat, other offal. Oh yeah, goat would be wonderful too. Most groceries have kidneys, oxtail, tripe,tongue, but I'm looking for a little more, and am willing to drive a bit out of the way for a good product. Does anyone have any advice?


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  1. Check with Babineaux's over in Henderson

    1. What about Bergeron's in Port Allen? I've never seen this type of thing in the cases there, but I imagine it all goes into the many varieties of sausage they make.

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        Natco Meats, formerly on Magazine St. in New Orleans, is now located in Reserve. Contact a sales person there and see if they can deliver something to a BR restaurant for you.

        My husband is the business and a few years ago I got a lovely rack of domestic venison for Christmas. They do have a website, but don't list items