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Aug 5, 2009 04:25 PM

Michael's Pappardelle in North Providence, RI

Has anyone went to Michael's Pappardelle Cafe on Smith Street in North Providence?

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  1. Super-convenient location, quick & friendly staff, good food, lots of menu options and a bar!

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    1. re: FoodMakesMeHappy

      I had two very bad experiences there since they took over from Mezza-Luna cafe. The food was awful, and the service - what service? Beware.

      1. re: OOliver

        How long ago was your experience, OOliver?

        1. re: sarahbeth

          Sorry - just went back to this thread since last August! I went there twice in June/July of last year (2009) - just before I posted above. I thought the first time was just a bad experience, so I went a second time - which was worst than the first time. How this place stays open is anyone's guess. I don't know one person who has been there and returned a second time.

      2. re: FoodMakesMeHappy

        Are you related to the owners somehow? The Magic Chef Sandwich is the worst, and the price is not worth it.

      3. My husband and I went about a week ago and it was terrible. My penne alla vodka was pasty and gritty - almost like they used cheap cheese and it wouldn't melt. The pasta was cooked for so long it tasted terrible - so much for al dente. I would not recommend this restaurant.

        1. We went last month w/ 2-4-1 coupon. Both ordered chicken and eggplant parm. Half-way through dish, still no sign of chicken. Asked server if given wrong order-was told chicken and eggplant are a blend. Prepared in blender most likely! Pasta was overcooked. First and last time here.

          1. First time bbq pizza was good, after that pizza was burnt, cold, and loaded with cheese after asking for light cheese. Unfriendly staff.