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Aug 5, 2009 04:02 PM

Brussel: Does Tai Hon Restaurant on rue des Eperonniers still exist?

I know this is beyond chow reviews but it's a try.

I'm from the USA, so I'm hoping to find someone kind enough to let me know if this particular restaurant still exist. My father has a childhood friend who came to live and work in the Brussel Square. This friend opened a restaurant (see below for address) for 20+ years. Since my father's last contact with the friend about two years ago, the telephone and fax has been disconnected. Please help us find this long lost friend/see if this restaurant of his still exist, maybe they got new telephone number?

If the business still exist, please let me know if it has a telephone number or some sort of info that can be forwarded to me. if it does not exist, what is it now?


Tai Hon Restaurant
45 rue des Eperonniers
1000 Bruxeller, Belgium

Tel 02/514.50.58
Fax 02/511.49.08

You'll be helping someone from the other side of the world. Thanks so much!!! Appreciated!!!

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  1. Sorry to be replying this late but we only read your post yesterday.

    Bad news: the restaurant is closed. We believe it closed a year ago or so (we had been planning to go there but never made it...). We went there today to check and it seems that the place still does not have any new owner. It is completely closed, no information on the door.

    Hope you will be able to track your father's friend some other way.

    1. Hi,

      Some news for you: I received a mail a few days ago announcing the re-opening of Restaurant Tai Hon in Brussels. The re-opening will take place on this week Saturday March 6, at 06:00 PM CET.

      Their new address is:

      Tai Hon Restaurant
      356 Chaussee de Wavre
      1040 Brussels
      Tel: +32-2-230-0131 (or mobile: +32-484-050-260)
      Mr Ho's e-mail address:

      Hope this will be useful...