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Aug 5, 2009 03:11 PM

Quick question about Asian noodles

I am making Pad Thai tonight and most recipes tell you to soak noodles for 15 min. before cooking. However I bought noodles in the Asian Market in the fresh section that appear to already be somewhat soaked or at least soft compared to the dried one. Should I soak these as well?

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  1. I just noticed on the bag that they had a web site so I looked it up and called their 800 number. Answer Yes soak if you want them to cook faster. So Now I know and you know.

    1. If you purchased fresh egg noodles, they are either raw or partially cooked. Either way, you need to cook them in hot water, or heat them in hot water, whatever the case may be. Soaking noodles are usually reserved for rice noodles...and not egg noodles. Without knowing what you actually have on hand, it's hard to say, but it goes without question, if the noodles are still their raw state, they must be cooked first. You mention the noodles are soft or somewhat soaked, so I only surmise hot water is the best option for you.