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Aug 5, 2009 02:54 PM

hip ambiance + delish food

I'm an out-of-towner hosting a party of 6. we are foodies but would like to be at a restaurant that has good energy without breaking the bank. So far, Proof looks like our first choice. Co Co Sala looks good but the menu looks really complicated from their website. The other thought was Vidalia but wasn't sure about the "hip" factor. Any help you could provide would be great to make our D.C. experience fantastic.

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  1. here are a few...Cork, Zengo, Granville Moores, Oyamel, Zaytinya and Founding Farmers.

    1. I like your choices! Proof is excellent- Coco Sala menu realy not complicated, and a fun & yummy place, too. Other options that may fit your criteria are Brasserie Beck, Dino and Central....

      1. Both Proof and CoCo Sala would be good. Other places to consider would be Rasika (Indian, great food and vibe, but can get pretty loud), Marvin (sit upstairs so it isn't so loud), Cafe Atlantico, or Central.

        1. I'd add Zola to the mix. The spy theme is very cool, and since it's kind of part of the Spy Museum, you even feel like you're sight-seeing. Next door is the super-hip Hotel Monaco, which is worth a walk-through. And no, Vidalia is not hip. It's more elegant.

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            Proof and Central it is for the two nights that we are there. thanks to all for your suggestions. we'll try the others on our next visit.

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              Excellent choices! Please make sure to report back on your meals.

          2. = proof.

            seriously. vidalia, not so hip.