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Aug 5, 2009 02:30 PM

Brunch Near SOWA Market on Sunday

I will be visiting Boston from out of state and plan to spend part of Sunday at SOWA market. Could anyone suggest a good place for brunch? Just looking for good food in a comfortable neighborhood setting. Live music would be really nice! We like all types of cuisine. Thanks.

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  1. No live music, but a great menu and a comfortable room (or sit at the bar as well). Sage on Washington Street. A block from the market

    1. Rocca (Italian) and Gaslight (French) are right next door. J.J. Foley's is a 100-year-old tavern around the corner that does very respectable brunch and lunch food (including some Irish dishes), pulls a proper pint of Guinness, and always has the game on. Myers+Chang is also very near by, does cool pan-Asian dim sum on Sundays. Union Bar & Grill (American) and Sage (Italian) do very nice brunches a couple of blocks away; I've had less luck with the brunch at Banq (French/Asian fusion). The Beehive (American) does live music for its jazz brunch, but I haven't tried their brunch food; it's not my favorite dinner place. I also like the brunch at Metropolis (Mediterranean).

      There are a several good farm stands at the SOWA market next to Gaslight (including Herb Lyceum, and a couple of Lincoln farms), many other food vendors (bakeries, gourmet grocers, etc.), but don't overlook the Russo's stand next to Rocca a couple blocks up Harrison Ave: it's the biggest single produce stand and full of good stuff.

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        I would also second Gaslight or Union, though no live music. Very lively atmospheres and good food for brunch.

      2. Thanks for all of your great suggestions. They all sound yummy. Hard to pick just one, guess I'll have to plan another trip to Boston to try a few more out. I've narrowed it down to Sage and Gaslight. Will also make sure to check out Russo's stand. Thanks again for taking the time to reply and making my Boston visit even better.

        1. Bless you, ZucchiniFlower - I just got online to research the very same thing. I LOVE the SoWa market and am planning to meet a friend Sunday for shopping and brunch as well. Gaslight is fabulous and right there (the market is in its parking lot) but we were wanting to branch out. There's Mike's City Diner and Stella too. Several of them have early specials from 10-11am. Maybe I'll see you there! :)