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Aug 5, 2009 02:22 PM

WANTED: HAPPY HOUR in a nice restaurant, good for a DATE, in WOODLEY PARK/DUPONT AREA.


I have an ex coming into town next thursday, we are meeting for happy hour. Any suggestions???? Nothing to stuffy, but no true sports bars either. I would prefer some nice wine options, and we are probably going to eat a little something, so good food is a plus!


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  1. here are some options with decent food....lauriol plaza, circa, bistro d'coin. For a little nicer place mourayo, firefly,and urbana.

    1. Circa, Sette Osteria, Urbana...

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        I agree...both Sette Osteria and Urbana would work. Sette has a nice bar. Urbana has a bigger bar/louge area, pretty cozy with tables as well as a regular bar.

        Up in the Adams Morgan area you can try Bourbon (they have an outdoor area to sit, eat, chat, and drink) or Cashion's Eat Place....really nice bar area.