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Aug 5, 2009 02:15 PM

STL -- need prepared food platters for private party

We're having a private event in a few months and we're looking to have it half-catered. It's a cocktail-style party, and we will prepare some of the food, cheese platters, etc, but we want to pick up the other half of our food, ready to go. I'm not sure what we're looking for -- a dyanmic, , well-prepared gourmet menu of some sort. We do have a large kitchen with refrigerators and stoves at the party venue, so while we don't wish to do a lot of work, some reheating or cool storage is possible.

So, can you all recommend some restaurants/caterers in the St. Louis area that provide inspired party food that will please foodies but that won't be a lot of work for us? Not sure if this matters, but there will be about 100 people attending.

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  1. Catering Plus. They have a broad, fun menu with many items that could be picked up without service.

    1. Maggiano's might be another source. I live on the east side and my friend is constantly bringing home large pans of Italian delights like portabella ravioli and the like.

      1. Try the Smokehouse Market. When my MIL died, someone brought us a platter from there, and it was fabulous. It's the same kitchen as Annie Gunn's next door.

        1. Try Babalu's Snack Shack. Though the Shack is closed for the summer (don't know why) they are still catering. I had great bbq-like stuff for dinner last year and it was great, but I had them do tapas and such for graduation party in May and it was fabulous. A lot of fun ideas and great prices. Our guests went back for thirds. They ate everything. Here's the number:
          314-706-7061 and ask for Dana. He'll take care of you.

          1. The Art of Entertaining in Webster Groves. Nice selection of items.