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Aug 5, 2009 01:48 PM

Variants on Osso Buco Gremolata?

Hey All,

So I'm new to the forums and I was wondering if you have any favorite variants on the gremolata (or raw relish) you use on your Osso Buco. So far I've run into the following combinations:
1. Lemon zest, parsley.
2. Lemon zest, parsley, garlic.
3. Lemon zest, parsley, toasted pine nuts.
4. Orange zest, lemon zest, lemon juice, parsley.
5. Lemon zest, parsley, garlic, anchovy filets.

Anything you particularly like?


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  1. I happen to like option#2 myself. That's what they use in the Cook's Illustrated version of Osso Buco:

    3 medium garlic cloves , minced or pressed through garlic press (about 1 tablespoon)
    2 teaspoons minced lemon zest (see note)
    1/4 cup minced fresh parsley leaves

    But then, I love garlic...

    1. lemon zest, garlic, parsley plus some lemon juice to loosen it up a bit. i'll happily cook out a couple of anchovy fillets in a rich braising liquid--where they become part of the background. i don't think i'd like them on top, though.

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      1. re: silverhawk

        If you're adding the anchovy fillets to the braising liquid, at what point do you add them in? I definitely tend to agree about them being incorporated in a dish like this, not central.

        1. re: jkahn2010

          When you're sauteeing the aromatics (onion, garlic, etc.)

      2. Not for osso buco, but in the Zuni Cafe Cookbook Judy Rodgers adds a tablespoon of cold beef marrow to a gremolata of zest, parsley, and garlic and spreads it on a steak just before it come off the heat.

        1. you could use cilantro instead of parsley.

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          1. re: Analisas mom

            Cilantro is much to overpowering, imo.

            Parsley is the classic way to go. I do like it with orange zest once a while. And I moisten it with oil.

          2. Personally liike parsley, lemon zest, olive oil, cracked pepper and sea salt. Not raw garlic at all.Equal parts of lemon zest and parsley, sea salt and pepper more pepper than salt. And the drizzle the olive oil. Make it just before you serve the osso bucco, so you get the brightness of the parsley and the lemon zest.

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            1. re: chef chicklet

              After reading your posts re: fresh v. packaged garlic, I am surprised you don't use it in your gremolata, chef!

              1. re: Phurstluv

                Not for my Osso Buco. This is one of the few dishes that I don't want the fresh garlic in the dish. Well you know you add it right before serving, the final dish or pass little bowls. I will cook with garlic, when making osso bucco though. Sure wish it (the weather here) would cool down, I'd love to make some! Do you like it?

                I see you mentioned orange zest once in awhile, do you add tomatoes to your osso buco? I love to serve it with a Rice Milanese too..

                1. re: chef chicklet

                  Yes, I know it's a garnish, and I find the fresh, sharp flavors wonderful on the unctuous, silky veal with sauce.

                  I haven't made it in quite a while, with two little boys, veal shanks are not part of our weekly repetoire!! But I believe the recipes I've used have incorporated tomato paste as part of the deglazing. Well, with my parents visiting in a couple of weeks, and a slight cool down in temps here in LA, maybe I will make it for them!!

                  1. re: Phurstluv

                    I do use tomato paste too, I've tried it several ways, I'm pretty much stuck with what works for my tongue.Veal shanks, omg, they are the best. This is a perfect dish for guests, I think anyway.

                    I have tried making this dish with beef shanks too, and I'm actually able to find them at a good price, but really after trying them, I'll hold out for veal.

                    Believe it or not up here in No. CA today, the weather is slightly chilly with overcast skies and sort of breezy.. Reminds me of a Fall day, and I might add, thank goodness! Actually it is a good day for osso buco.....