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Deep Fried Turkey Question

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J. Gold recommends Tasty Q (2959 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 735-8325) for their deep fried turkey. Has anyone ever ordered/eaten one from Tasty Q? How far in advance do I have to order? Any other thoughts for places where I can order deep fried turkey that are closer to the San Gabriel Valley? TIA

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  1. I LOOOOVVVVVVE Tasty-Q although it gets mixed reviews on this board. I've only had fried turkey leg and it was sooooo yummy. The skin had been rubbed with some nice herb blend before being fried.

    Last year, I saw people walking away looking dejected the weekend before Thanksgiving. Give them a call now to find out what the cut-off is. This place appears to have at most 7-10 employees so there are limits on what they can do, but you're in for a treat if they cook your bird.

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      The 'cue is good, the bird is great.

    2. Tasty Q charges about $2 a pound to fry your turkey. I think it's $3 a pound if they use their turkey. If the turkey is for Thanksgiving, better take it there now.

      As for the taste, it was very good. We had it for Thanksgiving and very moist and juicy. We had a group of 30 family and friends who ate 40lbs of fried turkey and everybody loved it.

      This year we are having fried and smoked turkey from Tasty Q. We took them in last night. Smoked turkey is $2.50 a pound if you bring the turkey.

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        Thanks! It never even occurred to me that I could bring them a turkey of my own.

      2. Just a recommendation....do it yourself....easy and tastes so good....one down side is the leftover oil, but it tases so good!!! We are having that and prime rib for Thanksgiving!

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          Um, the other downside is that it'll cost about $40- just for the oil...

        2. I've never been to Tasty-Q but this sounds so good I want to try it. Can you just go in and order some small portion of fried turkey on any random day, or is it only special orders and whole turkeys for Thanksgiving?


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            They do offer a fried turkey dinner for about $9. I believe they also offer a fried turkey sandwich.

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              Yes, the fried turkey sandwich was on the regular menu and it was pretty good.

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              Professor Salt

              This may be of more interest to OC hounds than the OP, but I tried Crescent City in Tustin Marketplace today, and they will fry your turkey for you. I did not see fried turkey on their regular menu, though, so can't vouch for how good it might taste.

              1. this sounds fabulous & I am considering it but I have a few questions;
                -what's the upside of bringing your own bird?
                -has anyone had their turkey & is it ok?
                -how far in advance of thanksgiving can you pick up your turkey & still have it be tastey?

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                  The main upside is that you can buy a Free Range, Heirloom Turkey that has light years more flavor than the poor, genetic deviants they sell in the mainstream markets. Also, you can brine it for even an even more juicy & tender bird.

                2. Does anyone know how the process works if you bring in your own turkey for Tasty Q to fry? How long is the turnaround usually?

                  1. If you're thinking of having Tasty Q fry your turkey for next week, you're way too late. You need to call and reserve a spot and make drop off and pick up arrangements.

                    I was too late myself last year so I've never had them do it. The comments on CH have always been positive though.

                    1. I got my turkey fried at Tasty Q last Thanksgiving (purchased from the store). I called up ahead of time, but the lady said they started frying the morning before Thanksgiving, and you could just go and drop off your bird and pick it up later. So give them a call if you're considering it... they may have changed procedures this year.

                      I was pretty disappointed by the Tasty Q turkey. I've had deep fried turkey before and loved it because of the crisp parchment-like skin and the white meat that was juicy and full of flavor (and I dislike turkey in general). The one from Tasty Q was undercooked (some parts were raw) and had a strange seasoning (I hope they added it... it wasn't me) that didn't taste quite right. Also, as the bird got cooked the day before, we had to throw it in the oven to warm it up (and cook the raw parts) and it got dried out in the process. The end result was a turkey that tasted better than one just cooked in the oven, but sorely lacking compared to the fresh fried turkey I had in the past.

                      This is nothing against Tasty Q (except for the raw part... and our bird wasn't even that big). We stole a little bit of the turkey to eat the day it got cooked, and it was excellent. I would think twice, however, about giving them your bird the day before... It just adds extra cost and you're not going to get to eat it when it's best.

                      edit: we asked the Tasty Q lady how to reheat the turkey, and she said to cover it with a couple of cans of chicken broth and throw it in the oven. This worked pretty well, but the broth moistened the skin and destroyed any remaining crisp.