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Aug 5, 2009 01:43 PM

How do you like your fish cooked?

A couple of times this month, when eating at "higher end" restaurants I was asked by the server "how do you like your fish cooked", as if I was ordering a steak at the Keg.

I am puzzled by this question. I expect the chef to know how to cook eat type of fish she serves. What does "rare", "medium rare" "medium" "medium well" and "well done" mean when it comes to fish?. Is it the same for salmon, sole, black cod, or tuna? It makes no sense to me.

What's next? "how do you want your linguine cooked" ?

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  1. I have a feeling this might get moved, but I have shared similar thoughts. While I've enjoyed fish at various levels of 'doneness', I would expect most experiences would be directed by the chef and not me (the client). My main concern with this question, as I'm no seafood expert and usually eat sashimi if I'm out, would be how different fish react, and like you said, 'Is it the same for salmon, sole, black cod, or tuna?'

    1. Actually how do you want your linguine cooked had been around for a long time............
      I like mine al dente, my daughter likes hers mushy and soft

      1. Most white flesh flaky textre fish (Cod, Flounder, Sole) is usually cooked through, but fish like salmon, tuna and swordfish can be enjoyed simply seared or medium-rare and not cooked through entirely....thus the reason for the question and to see your preference.

        1. I find that most chefs cook fish, regardless of the species, too well done for my taste. Salmon, particularly, is prone to dryness. Almost always I specify "rare" and typically receive it medium rare. Not only do I prefer the fish undercooked, but any leftovers I take home can be reheated with no danger of overcoking them