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Aug 5, 2009 01:40 PM

Michelin Star Restaurant Phx

I'm a foodie who is going to be visiting my hometown Phoenix in October. As a bonding experience, my father has agreed to take me to ANY restaurant in the city. I have never been to a Michelin starred restaurant, so since I won't be paying (thank goodness!) I thought this would be my one and only opportunity (at least for now). Are there any three or two Michelin starred restaurants in Phx? If not, what would be the BEST restaurant to go to for an adventurous food lover? Anywhere in the Phoenix area. Thanks!!

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  1. Michelin doesn't put out a guide for Phoenix (only SF, LA, NYC and Vegas for the U.S.).

    There are very few 2, much less 3, star restaurants in the U.S. according to Michelin.

    As far as a restaurant for an "adventurous food lover" I would suggest either Kai or Posh. I've enjoyed Kai, never been to Posh but it markets itself as serving "improvisational" cusine.



    1. I love the whole experience at Binkley's - fresh, hiqh-quality ingredients, imaginative and creative menu, and always exceptional service. One of my favorite restaurants, we've never been disappointed. It's located north of Phoenix in Cave Creek. Absolutely worth the drive, and the first place I thought of you when you said "best restaurant to go to for an adventurous food lover". I should add that I haven't been to Kai or Posh yet.

      My report on last visit to Binkley's in April:

      6920 E. Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek, AZ 85331

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        Second for Binkley's. I recently went with my SO and we had the 6-course with wine tasting and it was phenomenal.

      2. If you are looking for award winning cuisine, you should think about the James Beard award winning restaurants.

        The best meals I have had in Phx were at Kai (very expensive, but worth every penny), and Noca (not ridiculously expensive, and worth a lot of pennies). There are a lot of great restaurants in Phx (we are lucky).

        1. The best fancy dinners I've had here were at Kai and Binkley's (just once each-- they're out of my normal price range too). Both could be called adventurous-- Kai for the unusual ingredients, Binkley's for the unusual ways of preparing things (especially the string of little amuse bouche items that come throughout the meal). I haven't been to Noca, maybe this will be the year...

          1. Binkley's Hands down! make a reservaion 30 days in advance as well

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              Without a doubt, I recommend Kai. It is one of a very few restaurants in the U.S. to feature Native American foods, one of the very few in Arizona to have Mobile 5 Diamonds, and is wonderful! There is a great Chowhound review at:

              They are closed for a part of the summer, so check their web site before making a decision.