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Aug 5, 2009 01:18 PM

Has anyone tried Wasabi Grill (New City) yet? Any comments?

Have been going to Wasabi in Nyack for years - and while we always enjoy, the menu options seem to become more limited all the time (loved the tempura portabellas!) and it winds up being a pricey dinner for 4 (including 2 hungry teenagers). Read that Doug Nguyen opened a more family friendly place in New City during the winter, but have been unable to find any reviews for it. Would love to hear comments from those who have been - is it worth the drive across the bridge?

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  1. if you're in Nyack, arent you already "across the bridge", so to speak? The question is whether or not, having crossed said bridge, it's worth driving another 12 miles, as opposed to subjecting yourself to the dangers of Downtown Nyack.

    I would say so. its a LITTLE less trendy and you're not very likely to run into Rosie O'Donnell schmoozing with Alec Baldwin and hitting on Tina Fey, but the food is actually better, but since you stand a better chance of getting a table, you'll probably enjoy it more. The opportunity to tell stories about B List Celebs, notwithstanding, the food is the same high standard as all the other Wasabi's and the prices are better. Super fresh sushi, amazing sauces... Tempura that FLOATS to the table.
    Celebs + Price of gas for 12 Addn miles minus lower prices. hhhhhmmmmm, all works out to be About the same, But one thing that might affect your thinking is..... you WILL be ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, be the coolest person in New City if you are seen walking in... definitely not a glamour location unless you wear payot, a talus, a long black coat and a fur hat.. OY!

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