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Best Black and White cookie??

I am making my annual mother-daughter trip to NYC sunday with my mom. She loves black and white cookies and we always get one at dean and deluca. But wheres the best black and white cookie in manhattan? We will be around times square, central park, and soho throughout our trip but are willing to travel elsewhere just for the BEST! Thanks for your help!

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  1. William Greenberg Desserts
    1100 Madison Ave., btwn. 82nd & 83rd Sts.

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      I have passed there several times lately - they seem to be renovating, but I can't tell if they are still open during the renovations, so probably worth calling to check.

      1. re: MMRuth

        I was by there again today, and from what I could tell from the cab, the store itself is closed, but they have a temporary store next door.

    2. the ones from William Greenberg are pretty much the quintessential B&W, and the most frequently recommended favorite, but Glaser's is popular as well. everyone's got their opinion. you might want to look at these threads from a few years ago to get a sense of other options and the variations in style & quality:


      FWIW, the one at Joyce Bake Shop in Bklyn (Prospect Heights) is supposedly pretty stellar as well.

      1. Glaser's Bakery, 83rd and First I believe. Been around forever and make the best black and whites

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            Glaser's is on vacation til the 17th or so. According to the sign, they're baking in the sun.

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              I agree - Glaser's is the best I've had. If you want a fresh, eat now B&W, this is the best. William Greenberg's is good if you may want to wait (why would you:)).

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                I just had Glaser's b&w for breakfast. I thought it was actually pretty bad. And I really wanted to like it. Ditto for their sugar donuts.

                It definitely seemed fresh, but the chocolate side didn't taste like chocolate and the cookie was too doughy.

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              Re-read that, of 2 years ago. Rankings, IMHO, have changed quite a bit. Now I'd put Greenberg's first, and Zaro's is now better than Hot and Crusty, which slipped a lot. Still can't abide Rocco's fruit glaze.

            2. ironically, my favorite black and white is at crumbs, the cupcake chainlet. i hate crumbs usually but their black and white is very cakey and fresh. its like eating a muffin top with frosting.

              id avoid bruno bakery's cookie on laguardia. there's is quite dry.

              1. I like the black and whites at Moishe's on 2nd Ave. They have a bit of lemon in the vanilla and the cookies are thick and cakey. Have yet to go to William Greenberg's but I have heard rave reviews.

                1. William Greenberg!!! I did B&W cookies as my wedding favors and sampled cookies from about 5 NYC bakeries. William Greenberg is the best.

                  1. Absolutely, without a doubt, hands down THE DONUT PUB on 14th Street and 7th Avenue. AMAZING!!! I just took my cousin from Switzerland. She loved them.

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                      She's right. The Donut Pub presents you with a black and white with a perfect cakelike buttery texture and taste. The icing is not just sweet, but has a rich icing-like flavor. Everything at The Donut Pub is good, but the black and white is exceptional. Greenberg's is good, but not as good as Donut Pub, and Greenberg's is ridiculously expensive. (The honeybuns, however, may be worth the money).

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                        Oh thank god someone got my back on the Donut Pub! The B&W boston cream donuts rock too, but the B&W cookies are some of the best I have had. And the cookies have a great texture, moist inside and the right amount of crispness on the bottom.

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                          Donut Pub is my favorite as well, a 24-hours place with a perfect black and white? Can't be beat in my opinion, and I've yet to have a bad donut or anything else there.

                          re: Moishe's, it's good, but only if you like lemon in your cookie, it's too strong for me but someone looking for that is sure to enjoy it.

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                        OK - I know this is probably one of those stupid questions, but has anyone deconstructed the Donut Pup recipe? The DP Black and Whites are truly amazing and a "must do" stop for EVERY trip to NYC (they are open 24/7 so you have NO excuse not to), but I live in Indiana and need my fix. DP bakers, what's your price?

                      3. Thanks everybody! Looks like we may spend a whole day trying black and whites all over town

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                          Junior's or Zaro's.
                          Both have branches in Grand Central Station.
                          Both are quite good.

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                            I also like both quite a bit. I found Junior's particularly tasty the one time I had it. I've had Zaro's more often. It's good, but not as good as Junior's, if memory serves me correctly.

                        2. William Greenberg all the way.
                          Don't even bother with the ones that are sold in that bakery in Grand Central...they're not what a BW cookie is suppose to be (cakey!).

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                            Gotta say....just tried one from Crumbs (which seem to only come in one size, giant!) and it was delicious. Cakey, not lemony...perfect. Though $4 for one cookie is a bit steep. I can somehow justify paying $18 for a dozen little ones at Wm Greenberg.

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                              Can you describe the William Greenberg's cookie? I'm looking for one that is spongy-cakey in the cookie part which has more frosting than icing i.e. not crunchy icing but more soft-like frosting with a very very fine top layer that would give way if you pressed on it with your finger. Does that make sense? Also, do the chocolate and vanilla frostings taste distinctly different? Too many B&W taste a like.


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                                We're partial to Greenberg's B&W's, and they're very close to your description. It's definitely a cake-ish cookie, and the chocolate and vanilla are clear and distinct flavors, which is important to us (our problem with Donut Pub's B&W - which we went out of our way to try - was mainly that; the flavors were hardly distinguishable). I would say, though, that the top is closer to icing than to frosting, although it's not crunchy. .

                                Definitely think you should give them a try, based on your criteria.

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                                  There is one at CRUMBS that meets your frosting needs. They make one that actually has frosting on the top (and they also have regular ones).

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                                    The black & white you want is at Junior's.

                                2. Dont know where they get them from but I love the ones art Artie's deli. Cake like bottom, and perfect icing.

                                  1. I am a B&W fanatic and although I'll agree that the Donut Pub and Wm. Greenberg are both pretty good, they don't really excite me; they just don't add up to the ones I used to get growing up in Boston years ago. They are almost always stale in Manhattan!

                                    Recently, however, I discovered an AMAZING!!!! B&W in Bay Ridge. I promise, it's worth a trip. The place is an old and famous Scandinavian bakery (left over from the days when Bay Ridge was predominately populated by Scandinavian seafaring folk). It's called Leske's and is located around 5th ave and 86th street. It has a swedish blue awning.

                                    Fresh, delicious, very caky cookie bottom and creamy finger licking frosting. Very fresh!Take the R train to 86th and 4th ave and walk up 1 block to 55th ave. I'm sure I will be making many visits to this place. Lots of other culinary diversion in this hood, too.

                                    1. forgot how good Rocco's black and white cookie with orange glaze is--had one tonight, so fresh and soft--loved it--on Bleecker street--not cheap, $3 for a b/w cookie !

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                                        Can't abide that glaze. To each his/her own.

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                                          it's definitely a departure from your classic, but it's soft and dense without that spongey texture, and the orange kind of gives a citrusy zing against the sweetness of the vanilla and choc--but, yeah, you're right, it's a bit unsettling at first, but then found I liked it.

                                      2. Apple Tree Market in Morningside Heights. This is hands down the best B/W I have ever tasted. I am an NYU student, but sometimes travel into enemy territory (Apple Tree is near Columbia University) just to taste this sugary goodness! Definitely recommend.

                                        1. Finally got to the one at Donut Pub on 14th, touted here as best:
                                          Good news- Best. Icing. Anywhere.
                                          Bad news-Not a cookie, just cake formed in the shape of a cookie. It even flops down when you hold it on one side. Ultimately, disqualified.

                                          Donut Pub
                                          203 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011