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Aug 5, 2009 01:09 PM

lechon los angeles

i saw lechon being prepared the other day on "no reservations" and now i'm dying to try some. i've had alot of roast pork with crispy skin from different parts of the world. - chinese roast pork, german roast pork, italian roast pork, all prized for their crispy skin. where in los angeles can i taste this filpino lechon roast pork?

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  1. Drive Del Amo and Carson Blvds. in Long Beach / Carson. I've never seen so many lechonerias in my life.

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      Exactly the right neighborhood for Filipino food: Carson Blvd between the 110 and the 405 freeways. Try Manila Lechon on Carson & Main.

      1. re: Professor Salt

        great! but is it good? crispy skin?

        1. re: foodmor

          Skin is crisp, yes, but overall it's ok, not revelatory. This is a steam table joint, with lots of stuff on the menu, which means the lechon isn't the only draw. A place that specializes in lechon and makes very little else would probably be the place to go. I haven't found such a place, though.

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            When I lived in Guam, many years ago, freshly-made lechon was one of the draws of every village fiesta. I vividly recall being invited to a family fiesta on the island of Rota, a few miles north of Guam, and watching the guys cooking a lechon on a spit over a wood fire, basting it with nothing more than seawater (using coconut-tree fronds as the basting brushes). They also roasted whole breadfruits at the edge of the coals. Washed everything down with cold San Miguel out of a big bucket of ice. What a meal!

    2. Magic Wok in Artesia too... but they're best known for crispy pata.

      1. With so many turo-turo places offering Lechon, it really is a crap shoot. I've had really bad lechon. Where they use an old pig and the meat is tough. Or they don't cook it long enough (slow and low is key) and the meat is tough. Or they wrap the cooked little piggy for transport and it steams the hell out of it so your crispy skin is a chewy, rubbery mess by the time you get home.

        Arko Food International in Glendale knows how to roast a a pig. You need to order 2 days in advance of pick up. Arko is a Filipino Market that also has a turo-turo restaurant; all the selections are legit. If you're lucky, you may stumble in on a day that they have Igadoo.

        Arko, my go to lechon place for those huge Filipino family parties :)

          1. re: monku

            Barrio Feista has gone down hill. Went there last month and was served Tinolang Manok that was spoiled and the Dinuguan tasted sweet, not tangy, like they didn't put any vinegar in it, but maybe sugar. The manager didn't even offer to take it off the menu but bartered to give us a free desert ( we chose ube). When the check came the ube was on the check!! We let the server know what the manager had offered a complimentary desert; he replied that the manager had gone to the bank and he couldn't confirm the comp. We were over it and just paid it.

            Food and service both tanking.

            I would suggest Fiesta sa Barrio over Barrio Fiesta, but second to Arko Foods for your lechon.

            Fiesta Sa Barrio
            4411 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

            1. re: Veggietales

              Probably six months since I'd been there and I notice almost everyone's got the lechon on their table. I'll check out Fiesta Sa Barrio some time.

          2. There are Colombian places that might do lechon, most likely in Pico Rivera. I haven't been to those places yet,but they're on my radar. If I get out there, I'll let you know.