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Aug 5, 2009 01:06 PM

Romantic first date spot for friend ive had for 25 years

Its a long story...First loves at 15....25 years later....facebook reconnection and true loves do come back. We need a first date place. Atmosphere first, cozy would be nice....a place we can linger over wine and din din. I was thinking something like Cafe D'artists in hollywood. Or Il cielo in BH. Ive been to and like both. Any other suggestions? No westside or valley suggestions please.....more eastside...downtown....mid bh....Thanks so much for any suggestions. I'm in love!

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  1. Have you been to Cliff's Edge in Silverlake? I've been to the other 2 on your list as well and think Cliff's Edge surpasses both with food and ambiance. Best of luck to you!

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      Perfect place for this encounter. Great recommendation.

    2. Sur on Robertson by Melrose is as romantic as it gets

      1. Thanks guys. Any other suggestions out there?

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          Depends upon what one calls romantic. I know that you dont want to go too far west, but one of the most beautiful spots is the Bel Air Hotel (which closes soon), Just walking around the grounds watching the swans can stir the harmones. I also like the idea of a restaurant on the top floor of one of the high rises downtown. At night, looking out over the city I think can turn one on. Top of the Bonaventure or top of what used to be the Occidental Building. both have great views. Also, the Thousand Cranes in the New Otani in Little Tokyo has a beautiful view onto a Japanese Garden. PS. Your story sounds a bit like mine. Good luck. It worked for me.

        2. For me, the perfect romantic dining spot would be the dining room on the east side of Providence. Not the main dining room, which has banquette seating (ie, close quarters) but the one to the right side of the reception area as you enter. It's much quieter and cozier than the main dining room. I think I also saw a semi-private room behind the east dining room but I'm not sure if they will reserve it for only 2 people.