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Aug 5, 2009 12:27 PM

Soi Polo style Thai Fried Chicken

Someone on the LA board a few years ago was looking for a recipe for Thai fried chicken in the style of the food stall near the polo club in Bangkok.

This recipe posted on The Atlantic website doesn't include the piles of crispy fried garlic, but the chicken itself is pretty darn close:

I had never made fried chicken with rice flour before, and I was amazed at not only how crisp it turned out, but how sturdy it is--it doesn't easily detach while frying like buttermilk/flour batter sometimes can. The coating also seems to seal in the heat and juices. 25 minutes after it came out of the oil, it was still piping hot and juicy inside. Even the breast meat.

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    1. re: F Schubert

      I recently discovered this recipe, as well. What do you think?

      1. re: josh L

        I can't imagine that it wouldn't be very delicious. The main difference seems to be when the rice flour gets added--does one mix it in with the marinade so that it becomes a sort of slurry, or does one dust the chicken with it after it's already marinated?

        From the photo at the top of her post, it looks like the skin is beginning to detach a little. It's hardly a flaw, but I noticed that when I made it with the slurry-like recipe from the Atlantic website, the batter seems to really fuse the skin to the meat, forming a very strong, crispy seal. It's the sort of chicken you could toss into a bucket and lug off to a picnic and not have any of the skin fall off at all.

        1. re: F Schubert

          they look quite different, i agree. i'd be happy to eat either one, but i want to try the atlantic recipe first. i like that smooth coating, and can just imagine the crackling crunch of the battered skin.

          i'll bet bill hunt would like to try this!

    2. Oh that looks great! I do love fried chicken, and I've always loved Chinese styled fried chicken too. The cilantro roots, and peppercorns and fish sauce all good but my goodness 14 cloves of garlic! Garlic chicken? What is the name? I love the way this chicken is cut. Only a clever would make this possible. That's about the only type of knife I don't own. Looks like it's time to buy one!

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      1. re: chef chicklet

        The 14 cloves of garlic is for 4 kg chicken, which is close to 9 lbs. Not excessive IMO.

      2. Thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to make this, but it dropped off my radar screen. I have some cilantro growing in a container so I have access to some roots.

        It sounds wonderful, and it helps to know that you had good results with the recipe. Here's an earlier thread on it:

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        1. re: bear

          I'm cooking this tonight. My glitch: instead of laboriously pounding everything in a mortar, I just threw everything into the Vitamix, then added the rice flour. My batter smells nice, but it's GREEN (from the cilantro stems). Dunno if my family's going to be able to wrap their arms around this! I'll post later.

          1. re: Spot

            This is a very good (Atlantic) fried chicken recipe. Amazing crust. Next time, a few more chiltepins (subbing for cayenne). Had it with grilled sticky rice balls (dipped in a fish sauce & egg mixture b/f crisping on the grill), an improvised dipping sauce of some home made Nam Prik paste, thinned with sweet chili sauce and coconut milk, and a salad of garden carrots, cukes, onions, lettuce w/ a chile oil/limey dressing topped with peanuts and fried tofu (dusted w/ potato starch). Everybody dug it.

            1. re: Spot

              spot, was it green -- the chicken crust, that is?

              1. re: alkapal

                Yeah, but only in its unfried state (due to the cilantro/Vitamix collision). When fried, it turned properly and gorgeously dark brown. The rice flour really does make a difference, it seems to me. I'm thinking of adding it to the usual buttermilk-Tabasco marinade we use for fried chicken and foregoing the usual dredging in reg. flour, just to see what happens.

                1. re: Spot

                  it sounds really delicious! thanks!

              2. re: Spot

                I just put chicken in fridge to marinate; will fry for dinner tonight. My batter was very thick, and I used a bit less rice flour than called-- for or it would have been as stiff as drop biscuit batter. Was yours really thick, too?

                1. re: nomadchowwoman

                  Started a little thick and seemed to thin a bit overnight.

          2. Yum, that looks delicious!

            1. I made this over the weekend and it was delicious. I used extra cilantro stems in lieu of the cilantro roots, and added a little extra fish sauce. I halved the recipe since the original is for 4 kg chicken, and I had about 1 kg. Served it with malay style coconut rice, egg sambal, and stirfried spinach. Had all the asian flavors we love. Will definitely make this again.