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Aug 5, 2009 12:19 PM

B & B with good Food in VT, NH?


Planning ahead, can you recommend some B&Bs with wonderful food for the New Years holiday? Food the priority, accommodations a bit less so.


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  1. Are you looking for dinner? I haven't been, but the Rabbit Hill Inn gets great reviews. It's a gem of the NEK and the owners are one of a kind (see their pink slip getaway program).
    I can attest to the Inn at Maplemont Farm for their breakfast - their philosophy is that one should always have dessert with breakfast, and they make some outstanding pastry! They are also dog-friendly and the place is very homey. It's not ritzy but it's very much a getaway.

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      I suppose that we are looking for good dinners for the few days that we are there... Dinner is the priority, although I might guess that good dinners are connected with at least pretty good breakfasts, although not necessarily the reverse.


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        As I have found most B&B's usually only serve breakfast. I've never been to one that served a dinner. My advise is to do a google search for Bed and Breakfasts in both New Hampshire and one for Vermont. And go from there. Earle

    2. Notchland Inn, Crawford Notch NH serves both breakfast and dinner:

      Beautiful setting and accommodations, excellent food

      1. Swift House Inn in Middlebury, VT is excellent. Had dinner there last week. Fantastic.

        1. We like to go to the Waybury Inn in Middlebury,They have 2 different dining rooms, we have good dinners in both of them. One is actually a bar/pub and the other is more formal. Breakfasts are wonderful and are included when you stay there. They have homemade cookies out in the afternoon and candies in your bedroom. The Waybury Inn is the Inn they used for the Newhart Show.

          1. Up in the North Conway area (NH) is Snowvillage Inn - excellent food and stay.