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Aug 5, 2009 12:00 PM

How is the food inside the Home Depot Center?

heading to watch the LA Women's Tennis Championships at the home depot center tonight and don't have time to grab a bite on my way. so just wondering if there are any worthwhile vendors within the stadium to grab a bite from.


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  1. Well... it REALLY depends... The standard stadium fare, is pretty much terrible... even my standard go to Nachos at the Mexican place, terrible...

    BUT, their stadium club food... O...M...G... the best for a stadium I've been to and I've been to stadium clubs all over...

    The last time we went there for a Chivas USA game... they serves us this Ice Cream Cake Monstrosity... it so good, top notch ice cream studded with macadamia nuts and house made caramel... Serious... 10 people didn't even finish the darn thing...


    1. Oh! And before P. gets on me for not mentioning them... in the stadium food stands they DO offer one thing pretty darn tasty (although one could argue it's not food)... Earthquake Chips by California Potato Chips... We never miss a bag of those when we go and sit with the masses... that a bottle of pop will tide us over until after the game (thank goodness soccer matches pretty much start and end on time) and then we go to Izakaya Bincho or where else to get our real grub on...


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        thanks for the heads up. will keep my eyes peeled for the earthquake chips.

      2. Our company had a special luncheon at the clubhouse once and the food/service was top notch. All I can say that it was probably quite EXPENSIVE! I don't believe I ever saw a price menu?

        1. Didn't have the privilege of trying the stadium club, but the regular eats at the Home Depot Center that I tried the last time I was there for the Coldplay concert were nothing remarkable.

          Scrawny hot dogs that you dress yourself with pump bottle condiments, movie-theater type nachos, and beers. The best thing may have been the margaritas from the Jose Cuervo stands (dispensed from taps on ice - not the blended Slushee-looking machines).