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Aug 5, 2009 11:37 AM

Pizza Uno - Lake City WA

I drove by here the other day and was intrigued. There are some posts on Yelp, but I would like to know if the chow crew has been here and whether it is worth a try. I really love NY style pie and usually get my fix from "A New York Pizza Place" which is ok but I would love to find a better place. I will try to get there sometime in the next couple of weeks and will let you know. Thanks.

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  1. I've been here twice for lunch with co-workers. The pizza is good. It is def. not 100% new york style, but it is way better/closer than some other Seattle pizza I have had.

    Both times I've been we have avoided the slices on the counter and had a pizza made to order. It was worth the wait.

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      I've actually eaten the slices from the counter, and they were totally fine-comparable to what you'd find at an average pizza place in the NY tri-state area. The pies made to order are very good--and an excellent value. The ingredients are fresh and straigtforward. I wouldn't call it destination dining, but it's one of the better options for take-out pizza in the area.

      Oh, and the gyros place next door (Lake City Gyros?) is great--a true Chowhound find.

      1. re: Snapdragon

        So I went to Pizza Uno last night since I do live in the area. I totally agree with both your takes on this place. OK pizza, great value. Pies could have used a few more mins in the oven but reheated today in my oven made up for that. I am interested in the gyro place next door. What makes it so good? After reading about gyro meat production in the ny times I now feel like they are all very similar since they all come from the same factories in chicago.

        1. re: mr.chorizo

          I have also been to the Gyro place. It was good. I like the food at Mr. Gyro's in Greenwood better (it sees they have fresher ingredients), but for a local gyro place just down the street from work this one is perfectly fine. They had some other items on the menu that I have yet to try. Maybe I'll have a report on them by next week.

          Lake City Gyros: 12336 Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98125

      2. re: Mike CP

        Just got back from another lunch at Pizza Uno. I hadn't been in a while.

        This place is good.

        My co-worker (who used to be in the pizza business) and I shared a medium meat pizza. Stretched out on the spot with non-frozen dough (noted the co-worker), I think this will be my go-to place for a pizza fix from now on. I'd much rather have the no-nonsense better crust at Pizza Uno than the expensive Pagliacci or the mediocre Zeeks or Amanate.

        ...and the guy who works there is alwasy friendly.