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Aug 5, 2009 11:31 AM

Pleasing Everyone: Sushi-lovers & Sushi-despising Vegetarians

Dinner for a group, the majority of whom will be fine with sushi but there is one guest who will not eat sushi at all. I'm ideally looking for a spot with mid-priced sushi ($8-15 for rolls) with a decent selection of other items (soups, dumplings would be fantastic, salads, pasta -- not sure how likely that is). He has a pretty "simple" taste, doesn't have to be fancy, but would not appreciate being "forced" to throw $11 down for a house salad because it's his only option.

Would prefer a location below 34th St. but will travel. We're not looking for anything outrageously priced (~$30/person for good food would be an ideal price), just a decent meal for people coming in from out of town for the evening.

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  1. My GF is a vegetarian and I am not and we both love sushi. Just about any sushi place we go to she easily finds things on the sushi menu (sushi does not have to be fish). Inari is a tofu pocket with rice, kompyu is a squash and it's in a roll most places, additionally there is burdock root, shisho leaf, all usually found in rolls. As long as your veg friends are okay with being around fish they should be fine.

    1. I don't have any particular recommendations for you as to restaurants, but my husband loves sushi and I won't eat raw fish (and can't eat shellfish), so--I am a big fan of inside-out avocado and cucumer rolls. Filling and generally very reasonably priced. Two of those and some soup and I'm always good to go. Just saying...

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        Oh, soup & edamame may be an option -- thank you for your responses.

      2. Japonica might work for you. Their sushi is quite good, can stay at your price point if you don't go for the costly daily specials. Menu has dumplings, salads (I love the seaweed salad there) plus quite a few cooked items.

        1. Blue Ribbon Sushi has a large selection of non-sushi items, including several vegetarian items.

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              Ooo. That sounds right on the money. With all my digging online, that never came up. Very nice!

          1. Anyone have an opinion on Yuka on the UES? I've heard they have decent sushi for pretty cheap..

            A vegetarian commented on Yelp about sushi places and Yuka was mentioned as an option.