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Aug 5, 2009 10:23 AM

Ogonquit Arrows & MC Perkins Cove?

After several years my wife and I are returning to Ogonquit later this month. We liked MC Perkins Cove last time, and want to try Arrows this trip. Are they both still good, or has fame overtaken them? Any other must trys? Thanks.

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  1. Both MC and Arrows are great. However, you will find wildly divergent opinions about both places. We dine at MC at least once a week and find the food excellent. We also love their bar menu which you can ask for in the dining room- fish tacos, fish and chips etc. The service and atmosphere are also excellent- I am sure you remember the view. WE do not frequent Arrows but love it when we go.

    1. Agree that MC is great, but have never had a great meal at Arrows. The attitude, outrageous wine prices, and food that would be laughed out of most four star restaurants will soon kill this place. Notice the $39.00 prix fix specials advertised these days. I sense the place will need a for sale sign soon.