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Aug 5, 2009 09:59 AM

momofuku fried chicken - wow! incredible!

had their special fried chicken lunch yesterday. 1 whole chicken southern style and 1 done korean. holy cow. the southern might have been the best i have ever had. juicy, crispy and not greasy.

the korean style we cut up and put in pancakes with a beautiful assortment of fresh garden greans and 4 different sauces. fantastic.

4 hungry guys couldnt finish it either.

just awesome

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    1. re: dhs

      Noodle and a reservation has to be made online to "book" the chicken.

    2. headed there tonight myself to try this - we have 6 people (3 couples), really looking forward to it!

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      1. re: metfan630

        6 people in my opinion is the best number, unless of course you want some leftovers to take home. We had 5 people, had a couple of apps, get the pork buns, and then had about three or four pieces of chicken left over. The southern style is the best fried chicken I have ever had.

        1. re: roro1831

          awesome. I'm taking it easy on lunch to save up extra real estate :) will let you know how it goes

          1. re: roro1831

            Roro -
            How easy was it for you getting a res?
            When I check - it seems completely booked up for weeks....
            Is it because I am not checking at 10:00am exactly?

            edit -
            Sorry i should have read below first

            1. re: NellyNel

              I did it through the computer at the office, which I would imagine is much faster than if I tried from home. I was online five minutes before they started the process. It has a count down feature so you know when to hit the link. Honestly I got the reservation on my third day trying. The first day I had no idea what I was doing. The second day it showed an opening but when I got to the next screen I wasn't aware I would have to enter my credit card right away and by the time I finished the process the time was gone. The third day I was prepared and got the reservation. I immediately sent out the confirmation email to everyone that was invited and they all had a laugh at how excited I was about it.
              It is always booked up for weeks. At 10 am sharp they release the times for the day 30 days ahead, so basically each day 8 (I think) more times open up. I think the first screen you come to is the most recent, you have to click to the last page which will have the available reservations that were just posted.

              1. re: roro1831

                Oh brother!
                That sounds like work!

                I had no trouble at all getting a Bo Ssam res - but I guess the hype had died down for that by the time I went.

                My Chow partners have restricted me to a Monday night booking which may make my quest a bit more difficult

                We have 4 of us going since you recommwend 5 or six - if you and your SO would like to join us - let me know
                My companions are other CHers - we ment in august for a Chowdown at MSsam.

                1. re: NellyNel

                  Hmmm, that's always a possibility as my wife liked it very much. I would be very much interested in that. Let me know.

        2. any suggestions of how to score a res? everytime i go online, all the times are booked. is there a certain time that they new schedule opens up?

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          1. re: tkm616

            10am sharp each day for the date 30 days ahead. One day opens up at a time.

          2. Is it Possible to make a reservation for 3? I mean, I'm not sure we can finish it, but are their any rules against that?

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            1. re: DavidB

              You can make the reservation for 4. A few days before you get an email and it says to call to verify the number in your party. We were supposed to have 6, ended up with 5. When we walked in and they sat us, the table was set for 5.

              I can't see where that would be a problem. They just wouldn't make as much money off of any apps and drinks.

            2. Had the pleasure of eating this last night, with me and 5 friends. The chicken was, not surprisingly, very delicious. The contrast between the Korean-style, which had a light sauce on it, and the Southern-style old bay chicken, which had a very browned and salty skin and delightful flavor underneath it, was excellent. We also enjoyed wrapping the chicken in the moo shu wraps, lettuce leaves, and mixing in the raw veggies. Throw in the four sauces and it was a unique and enjoyable experience, at a very good price.

              We were able to finish all the chicken, as well as one order of pork buns and three orders of the soft serve ice cream. Very good amount of food.

              Highly recommend the experience!