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Aug 5, 2009 09:49 AM

Fifth Floor - downhill or still good?

We're coming to SF from LA and trying to find a top restaurant that is open on a Monday -- not easy - TDR, Mina, Coi, Acqucrello are closed. Going to Spruce for lunch on Tuesday, have been to Masa, Fleur de Lys, Aqua and Danko, waiting for updated menu from La Folie, not renting a car so not venturing out of SF. What's the story with the Fifth Floor? From what I've been reading it doesn't seem to have held up. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Laurent Manrique left Fifth Floor last month, and they just introduced a downscaled menu, so it's no longer competing with the other places you list. He also left Aqua, so it's likely in some disarray.

    1. Thanks. any other suggestions?

      1. Although Laurent Manrique has left, his chef de cuisine Jennie Lorenzo has stepped up to the plate and is turning out some excellent dishes. She was Ssous chef for Laurent Gras during his time there and has cooked with both Gordon Ramsey & Marco Pierre White. I think the Fifth Floor is just turning a corner in its 10+ year history. Chef Lorenzo has reduced all entree prices below $30 and more diners are taking advantage of tis for an excelent meal with outstanding service & an amazing wine list.. By the way, the cocktails were great!

        1. The reduced prices are correct. We were there last Friday and ate in the lounge, very interesting menu and well-executed. Cocktails were also quite good and reasonable, with summer cocktails starting at $8. You can also get the full dinner menu in the lounge.

          The stellar point of the evening, however, was the service. Although we were walk-ins at the bar/lounge, we were greeted and talked to by everyone, from the hostess to the managers and even servers from the main dining room. It was out first time there and we don't tend to try to attract attention, but once they knew we were really interested in the food and ingredients, took the time to answer questions and explain things. We will be back.

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            I'll also plug the service and cocktails. We stopped in for a drink and a bite a few weeks ago. The cocktail list is the real highlight with exotic spirits and a great blend of classic and updated drinks, all prepared by an expert hand. Food was great value with good ingredients. Recommend.

          2. Anyone been recently? Thinking of heading there for dinner in the next few weeks. Thanks!