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Aug 5, 2009 09:33 AM

good food in cambria?

will be travelling from la to sf, stopping in santa barbara for mexican food on milpas and spending the night in cambria.

any lodging or restaurant suggestions in cambria?there seems to be two or three places people frequented a year or so ago. how are they doing? anything new? how about breakfast in cambria? no better way to start a day than with a breakfast to remember by the pacific ocean.

on to carmel for the day before leaving for sf. any restaurants of late that strike peoples fancy. looking forward to the drive!

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  1. Consistently good is the key to success in Cambria. Our choices include Robins, Sows Ear,
    Wild Ginger, Black Cat Bistro, The Sea Chest Seafood and Main Street Grill.
    Breakfast at Creekside, & Linn's Main Bin. Check them via Chowhound search.

    1. No one ever mentions the Hamlet (on the highway). We haven't been there for a couple of years, but used to go often. Lunch atmosphere is great in the back yard/patio. Hubby always has the beef brisket and always raves. I have a hamburger. The quality of meat is very good. We have been for dinner, but prefer lunch outside.

      1. Sandy's for lunch - inexpensive excellent sandwiches & fantastic looking salads as well. It's across the street from the shell station. For breakfast - sunday brunch at the Moonstone Grill overlooking the ocean is quite nice. Linn's and Creekside would be my other two breakfast choices.