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Aug 5, 2009 09:05 AM

Carmel/Monterey: breakfast and veg-friendly dinner places

Hi, I'm spending the weekend in Monterey and I'm interested in:

Breakfast place for Sunday morning
Veg-friendly dinner on Saturday

Veg friendly means lacto/ovo ok; could be a place with just one or two options, doesn't need to be a vegetarian restaurant.

Breakfast means: great coffee (if possible), and either pastries or breakfast entrees (pancakes, french toast, etc.)

Not looking for a 5 star restaurant, just something with good food.

Any recommendations?

Is "Carmel Belle" any good for breakfast?


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  1. You should post this on the California board but for breakfast, must try Em Le's. Haven't been in a few years & hopefully their french toast & eggs benedict w/ crumbled italian sausage is as delicious as ever! Long walk on beach is required afterwards!

    1. Katy's is the best for breakfast
      Pepper's Mexican is good and is veg friendly

      1. The best breakfasts in the area are at Tico's in Marina. On weekends he has a special menu. See

        People who recommend another place for breakfast have not eaten at Tico's. It is small and very fairly priced.

        Passionfish in Pacific Grove is my favorite dinner spot in the area. They usually have a veggie entree and appetizer. Call first to be sure.

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          Had late breakfast (1 p.m.) there on Sunday . I had a half order of the crab cake egg benedict (really good crab cake & hollandaise) ; Mom had half order of pancakes (couldn't talk her into trying the fresh peach or berry versions). Those plus 2 coffees = $15 + change (without tip).

          While there, someone came in to order a breakast burrito to go. The surprised waiter replied we don't have one on the menu. After checking the menu posted outside by the front door, the he came back, spoke to kitchen, and then asked customer what he would want on his "custom burrito" (which was promptly produced).

          Has anyone tried their dinners (ThFSa 4-9:30 according to a take-out menu)?