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Aug 5, 2009 08:56 AM

Places in Auburn and Prattville/Montgomery

So i'm heading to AL to play golf with some guys next week. We're hitting Bham, Auburn, and Prattville and I was hoping to get some recommendations for both comfort/bbq and maybe a nice place or two.

I've searched the boards for Birmingham and think i have a few places there but the others are smaller.


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  1. I've heard Byron's in Auburn is good for barbeque. I also love Niffer's - it's very laid-back and a local favorite (American casual). If you are in Prattville, you will probably end up driving into Montgomery for dinner. If the Biscuits are in town, I'd highly recommend trying to catch a game. The Montgomery Brew Pub is within walking distance from the stadium. Dreamland Barbeque also just opened downtown. The Old Cloverdale area of Montgomery also has some unique places. I'd suggest Tomatino's pizza, Jubilee Seafood, or El Rey. If you want a "nicer" place, Sinclair's is a good bet.

    1. As far as Auburn is concerned, I second Byron's but also recommend Chuck's in Opelika.

      Niffer's is ok, very casual. Amsterdam's is overpriced. I'd stick to barbeque in Auburn.

      1. I just saw this post and missed your trip.. but just for future reference- Montgomery has limited but still worthy eating options and is worth checking out. I wouldn't say BBQ here is a stand out, unless you are talking about korean bbq. The yellowhammer is near auburn. More in a previous thread:

        1. For future reference:

          Here's a thread about Auburn

          Unfortunately, Cuban Delights has closed, and the excellent chef has left the Yellowhammer. Zazu's, now in dowtown Auburn is decent. I would say Amsterdam's, also in downtown, is now serving the best food in town. But it's packed every night.

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            Yes, the excellent chef has left yellowhammer and has now ventured to Nancy Patterson's in Montgomery. I haven't noticed the quality of the dishes at Nancy Patterson's changing though.