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Aug 5, 2009 08:55 AM

Eating out in the Algarve

Going to Bergau shortly. Has anyone been in the area and know of good places to eat. Luz and Lagos are within the area


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  1. Hi! Here is the short list in the area:
    "Vivendo" in Meia Praia and "Mirandus" in Porto de Mos are the top restaurants in the area (Vivendo for a dinner, Mirandus for a lunch).
    Less sophisticated and more Portuguese: "Vila Velha" and "Mar a Vista", both in Sagres, and "Eira do Mel" in Vila do Bispo. Avoid the Pousada of Sagres, the food is not good.
    Good places in Lagos are "No Patio" and "Vista Alegre" (French). Lots of pubs and bars in Lagos...
    Burgau itself, I have not been for ages. Used to have a nice beach restaurant there. If you feel adventurous, drive up the West coast to Aljezur. Fantastic restaurant near Monte Clerigo on the cliff overlooking the beach of Amoreiras called "Gabriel". Worth the journey for the fish and shellfish.
    Hope this helps.

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    1. re: monchique

      Many thanks. It does not look as if anyone else goes there!!! Beach resaurant still appears on web site. Will try it and report back


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        Hoping for an update - openings, closings. I'll be in the far western Algarve (roughly a triangle of Silves, Sines and Sagres) for three days at the end of April. Looking for the best local fare - fresh and bountiful lunches and dinners. Beautiful views are a big bonus. Money is not a consideration, but won't be bringing much in the way of dress clothes so don't need Michelin stars unless they are casual.

        Also searching for that one perfect, isolated scenic beach on which to spread a picnic, and then . . . siesta. Have a car and gps.

        1. re: tjn

          I'll give you the secret beach if you can find it: Vale Figueira. Driving from Sagres to Aljezur (N268) you find a sign left hand half way between Carrapateira and Aljezur. Follow the dust road, about 5 to 10 minutes to the beach.

          Also Restaurant Gabriel overlooking Praia das Amoreiras near Aljezur (on the cliff, South of the river. the beach of Amoreiras also very nice, is North of the river).

          Rui's in Silves still as good as usual for fish and shelfish. If you fancy them, they also have the rare passarinhos (small birds) but you have to ask for them... Sit in the front room with the locals.

          Sagres: avoid the Pousada, the food is not good. "Mar a Vista" instead for food and view.

          1. re: monchique

            Ah monchique, monciique . . . you made the vacation so much better! Yes, Restaurant Gabriel was a real treat - had the octopus and rice pot - simple, with hint of heat, a good graze of cilantro and lots of onion and garlic. Enjoyed the veranda while gazing out over the crashing Algarve waves of the Praia das Amoreiras. The route takes you through the coastal farms, then goes from paved, to almost paved, to gravel, until you think you are hopelessly lost, and then the restaurant appears at the edge of the cliff. It has a wonderful eating veranda. The cook/chef came out to make sure everything was as expected, and then sat at a nearby table and watched with satisfaction as it was consumed.

            Afterward, only a siesta at Praia de Vale Figueiros would do. Finding it was no problem, but my, oh my ...that 4 km of steep, winding, deeply rutted gravel road was a challenge. Totally worth it.

            For those who decide to take a side-trip up to Monchique, slow down or you will miss the little old man selling fruit and his own honey under a makeshift awning on the right hand side of the road. Pull over. Buy an orange or a lemon or two, and then ask if he has any of his special Medronho Mel. He might just reach into his truck and pull out a bottle and a shot glass to give you sample of his special homemade hooch. Or two. And if you like it, buy some.

            Thank you monchique.

            1. re: tjn

              tjn: Glad to have been of help, and hope you will return. Let me know if you do!
              By the way the name of the cook / chef / owner is guess what: Gabriel...

              1. re: monchique

                monchique: I'm planning a similar tour of Algarve and wanted to get your comments about the restaurants as most of the ideas have come from your posts:

                - lunch at Rui Marisqueira in Silves
                - visit to Sagres
                - dinner at A Eira Do Mel in Vila do Bispo

                - lunch at Restaurant Gabriel near Aljezur
                - dinner in Evora (place?)

                - lunch in Evora (place?)

                1. re: sampsa

                  I try to get to Évora at least once every few months and I must confess that I often make a trip from Lisboa just to eat lunch or dinner and then return on the bus afterwards.

                  One of my favorite place's is Restaurante Dom Joaquim which is right within the city walls. The food is regional comida alentejana and fantastic. The wine list is also fantastic and prices are extremely reasonable.

                  R. dos Penedos 6, Evora 7000, Portugal

                  Here is a video of the restaurant in Portuguese:


                  There are of course some of the more popular places like O Restuarante Fialho and Tasquinha d'Oliveira too.

                  Here is a video of the Tasquinha:


                  Boa Sorte!

                  1. re: vinhotinto75

                    Thank you! That does look very good.

                  2. re: sampsa

                    That's a lot of travelling in a short time! If you tell me which hotels you are staying at, I might have other ideas of where to eat
                    Rui's in Silves: always good. Try to eat in the first room with the locals.
                    Eira do Mel, I have not been recently, but reports are still good.
                    Gabriel: Still the same, but carefull it does not open till1:30pm so you are in for a late lunch with a long drive after to Evora.
                    Evora: Never been to Dom Joaquim, so cannot comment on vinhotinto's advice, but srongly support Fialho (have been there recently, and it was less touristy than I expected, and the traditional food was excellent). Also restaurant "Lis".
                    For lunch you could consider the restaurant "Alpendre" in Arraiolos (this is the town where the famous carpets are made). The Alpendre is famous locally for the "migas", bred mashed with stock and all sort of flavours (ask for a small selection, it is rather filling and portions are large in the Alentejo). Or you could look also at Estremoz (Adega do Isaias or Cadeia Quinhentista). This is of course assuming you have a car...

                    1. re: monchique

                      We're staying one night at Solar de Mós in Lagos and one night in Albergaria Do Calvário in Evora.

                      Gabriel might be difficult due to the time. If you have other recommendations for places to have lunch between Lagos & Evora or a dinner place within walking distance of Solar de Mos, it would be very helpful.

                      1. re: sampsa

                        For fresh fish and a view, Resaurante Camillo above Praia de Camillo is about 1/4mile away. Of the two on the beach Porto de Mos avoid Antonio. and the walk back up the hill is a bitch! There is a great one near your hotel but I can't remember the name . Heading back to the Tulip statue circle take the last left before it and its below the first building on the left. Great wine list, alot of local chefs eat there. Sorry I can't be more specific.

                        1. re: sampsa

                          Between Lagos & Evora you could visit the Herdade dos Grous in Albernoa, 10 kms South of Beja. They produce excellent wines (tasting is possible) and their restaurant is quite good! Personnally, I would have lunch in Alvito, lovely Pousada with surprisingly good Alentejo food.

                          1. re: monchique

                            We're actually in Evora now. We had dinner yesterday at Eira do Mel and loved it! Today, we had an easy morning in Lagos and left late enough to have lunch at Gabriell. The fish was excellent and we loved the place. We loved the coast so much that we took all day to go through Vila Nova de Milfontes and Porto Covo, arriving at Evora too late for the restaurants. We'll have a good lunch tomorrow then. We're sipping Grous wine here.

                            1. re: sampsa

                              We had lunch at Dom Joaquim in Evora and liked it.

                              Sincere thanks to all who helped to make our trip so wonderful! Unfortunately, I needed to be in Lisbon tonight for work; otherwise we would have spent a lot more time sampling the food in different restaurants.

                    2. re: monchique

                      monchique - There was just something so compelling about the wild coastline of the far western Algarve, so a return trip is in the works for the third week of April.

                      On this trip there will also some time in and around Evora.

                      The board seems to have pretty much exhausted the discussion of places to eat in western Algarve and Evora, unless there's something new cooking, or some changes (up or down) in any of the handful of recommended places.

                      Anything new?

                      1. re: tjn

                        Try to make it to Estremoz if you are in this area. "Isaias" (a small tasca, very cheap, very good) and "A Cadeia" near the castle, a restaurant in the old goal. Slightly smarter and superior food.
                        In Evora, the Convente do Espinheiro is still tops (and pricy) both for satying and eating. Also in Evora, a new place called BL Lounge has been recommended to me, but I have not been yet.
                        The Winter has been so wet (and still is) that we have hardly travelled far from Monchique.

                        1. re: monchique

                          Hi @Monchique I will be staying for 3 nights at the Hotel Porto Bay Falesia, Albufeira in a couple weeks and am looking for a lunch and dinner recommendation within walking distance, or a short cab ride. And any other tips you have for enjoying that area.

                          1. re: bombdarby

                            Sorry I missed your post, broad-band packed up for a week! You will be within walking distance of Olhos de Agua which has lots of restaurants and bars catering for the holiday makers... I don't know that area well (frankly, Albufeira is not my cup of tea!) and the restaurant scene changes as quickly as restaurant owners!
                            One restaurant sticks out however if you want a very special lunch and that is Vila Joya, the only 2 Michelin stars in Portugal. A 10 minutes taxi ride and an unforgettable experience. Be prepared to pay min. 120 Euros pp for lunch with wine.

                            Another 10 minutes taxi ride will get you toPaderne (North of Albufeira) to a cafe cum wine shop cum restaurant called "Veneza". Don't be put off by the outside look. It has the best selection of wines in the whole of Portugal, and a very good, cheap restaurant. The price of wine at table is cheaper than in supermakets (!). A meal with a good wine will set you back 30 Euros pp maximum.
                            Have you searched tripadvisor for up to date reviews of the area?