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Aug 5, 2009 08:42 AM

Buddy's in Annapolis?

Doing a one-night trip to Annapolis and we were recommended Buddy's for a casual place for crabs. Anyone have thoughts on that or other suggestions in downtown area? Thanks.

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  1. I really despise Buddy's. It is definitely a tourist trap, but I can't think off my head of any other place to pick crabs downtown. There used to be a place in Eastport, but I believe it was taken out by the hurricane. If you do go definitely just get crabs, anything else just isn't worth it.

    If you only have one night you could consider going elsewhere and getting other crab dishes. I like the crabcakes at McGarvey's, Crab bisque at Carrol's Creek (they have other good crab dishes too might not be casual enough though) and I have had good crab dishes at O'Briens in the past.

    Not in town at all, but the best crab places are Cantler's and Mike's in Annapolis.

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      I agree. It's definitely worth driving to Cantler's. Despite my best efforts, we had a company function at Buddy's and the crabs were at least a day old. I picked them so i could make crabcakes, but still, they were pretty meh. IMO, any place that has crab legs is usually a sure sign of so-so seafood.

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        It was McNasby's, best cheap crabcake around, gone in the wind and water.

      2. If you have a car, I really think Mike's is a good, often overlooked option in Annapolis. They have outside seating on the South River. If you want to stay in downtown Annapolis, you're options are pretty much Buddy's, which is pretty widely panned.

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            Mike's has an excellent crab salad that I often get rather than pick crabs. It has a good waterfront setting and lots of waterfront seating, too.. Easier to find than Cantler's and larger, too. We like Skipper's Pier, too, but it is a farther drive than Cantler's.

          2. I would stay away from Buddy's. Mike's or Cantlers. There is also a new place in Eastport, they are carry out. But you can take them down the street and eat them.

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            1. re: nosey

              Sure, I can't imagine anything easier for an out of towner than eating crabs while sitting on the sidewalk. Why don't you suggest they eat them in their car, or a hotel room while you're at it!

              1. re: Jason1

                It is not on the sidewalk. I believe there is an area at the Maritime Museum that allows you to sit outside and eat your crabs. I would never suggest someone eat crabs on the sidewalk!

                1. re: nosey

                  Crabs are best eaten on a sidewalk!!

            2. In season Cantler's serves local crabs. Most, if not all, of the crabs at Mike's come from other places regardless of the time of the year.

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              1. re: BontheC

                Well, we ended up doing Buddy's anyway because we were downtown and the decision wasn't entirely mine. It was my first blue crab experience and I did like the presentation, atmosphere and was fine with the crabs themselves. But, the following day we went to the Crab Claw in St. Michaels -- those were markedly better! So, my Buddy's experience wasn't bad because I had nothing to compare it with at the time. I do love the crab experience! Thanks, everyone, for your input. Will definitely do Cantlers next time I am in area.

                1. re: candyapple13

                  Glad you got the real thing, thanks for updating us.

                  1. re: chowsearch

                    I unfortunately didn't read the posts on Buddy's before the local tourist office rec'd it when I asked for a good place for crab cakes and blue crab in Annapolis. The waitress was helpful and informative. I didn't have much time, so I passed on the blue crab and had the cakes. There was something interfering w/the scrumptious sweetness one expects to find in a Maryland crabcake. I commented on the wetness of the cake and the waitress told me that Buddy's doesn't use bread or cracker crumbs as a filler, but chopped black olives!!! It was a wet, but unctious flavor, one which I hope never crosses my lips again, especially at $16 per crab cake. Avoid Buddy's if you value your taste buds. Thank gawd I've had good Maryland crab cakes before or this SF chick would never eat them again if they were made at Buddy's.

                    1. re: millvalleygirl

                      Chick and Ruth has a decent Crab Cake and I think you get 2 for about $16

                      1. re: millvalleygirl

                        olives in crab cakes????

                        that sounds DISGUSTING ! ,,,,Please do NOT think you had a Maryland Crab cake

                        Hey should be penalized 15 yards for unsporstmanlike crab cake making

                2. Buddys has a great location.

                  And thats it.