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Aug 5, 2009 08:37 AM

In Laws coming..any place in Pasadena?

The In-Laws are coming, not their choice, actually-a family firend who invited herself to their house in Santa Barabara for two weeks (and showed up with an unmentioned friend in tow), has decided she wants to see our new house, and thus invited them all down to visit next weekend.

This person, so full of tact, is at least generous when inviting herself- in that she invites a whole bunch of other people to tag along. At least she sort of informed us of their arrival before coming down.

She has decided she also wants to go see the Norton Simon. I, of course, ALREADY have tickets to see G.I. Joe at the Arclight in Sherman Oaks at 2:30, but I think I am to choose one of "those great places you know" for dinner for us all.

Pasadena has me stumped. Any good places I can fill them up with good food before drop-kicking these rude people back on the freeway north?

Afterwards, I'm going to Donut Man to recover. They do not get to go. Donut Man is only for polite people who don't piss me off.

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  1. Malbec, Cafe Verde and Shiro would be my top choices.

    If you want to go fancy, might try the revamped Dining Room at the Langham.

    Get the peach donuts at Donut Man before they run out. Tiger tails are good as well.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      grab a tiger by the tail.
      Put a tiger in your tank.
      For the tiger tails, Donut Man I must thank!

      What about that new Korean Place that opened in Pasadena on the third?

      1. re: 1munchy1

        You mean Cham?

        i think most o the early reports are that it's good for expensive, froo-froo Korean fusion -- but if you want the real article you've got to go west past downtown LA.

    2. I assume you sort of care about your in-laws (if for no other reason than domestic tranquility), otherwise I'd suggesting dumping the ill-mannered off at Cheesecake Factory. So, you're looking for something decent...

      In addition to ipsedixit's fine suggestions, with which I heartily concur, you could also consider Central Park and La Grande Orange Cafe (at the Del Mar station). I also really like the tapas at Bar Celona. Briganti, MIke & Anne's, Bistro de la Gare or Gus's BBQ in South Pas are also viable options.

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      1. re: Jack Flash

        Jack Flash beat me to it - my rec would be : La Grande Orange. Diverse enough menu for varying palates, and 'Pasadena' enough for the out of town factor. Have fun at Donut Man! :)

      2. Thanks for all the help. Yesterday, the "friend" changed her mind. There is a parade in Santa Barbara, and now she wants to see that. A relief to my mother in law, who has a writer's picknick or something she wanted to go to.

        So, I guess I'll hold all the great suggestions till next time.