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Aug 5, 2009 08:34 AM

Lunch in Arlington Heights?

I'm looking for a good lunch spot in or near Arlington Heights for lunch. We'll be in town for a wedding, and won't have a lot of time to venture too far away from the area. We would prefer something casual (we could wear jeans) and prefer to spend less than $50. We're open to all types of cuisine. Is there anything unique to that area we should try? Thanks.

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  1. Mitsuwa Marketplace.
    Depending on where you're from, and if you like asian markets, Mitsuwa is unique as hell. Food court to try a bunch of asian stuff - I'd stick with noodles fromm the vendors, and sushi from the case. The sushi will be freshly made around lunch time, and you can ask the person making the sushi for freshly made stuff if you are there at the time they are making it. The store itself is good for wandering around for an hour or so. Not as massive as an H-mart, but interesting nonetheless. buy some mochi ice cream for dessert. Oh yeah - get a bubble tea from the food court also.

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    1. re: gordeaux

      Very cool. I think this will be perfect.

      I also see that there are a number of different food vendors here. Do you have any recommendations for ones to hit? Or, ones to avoid? I'm envisioning a few hours of gluttonous grazing.


      1. re: dinersaurus

        I'd say at least get a noodle soup, a bubble tea, and some sushi from the case. It's not supermarket sushi. At lunchtime it will be freshly made. There are like 10 vendors tops. Try what sounds / looks good to you. I will say, however, that the last time I was there, I tried a plate off something like egg foo young in a curry sauce - maybe like an omelet in curry - that I was not fond of at all. You'll be able to look at everything - it's not massive. A noodle soup and a sushi combo will be a decent base to start with - then try some things that look interesting.

        If you're not familiar with asian snacks/goodies - while you are walking the grocery store, I'd highly suggest for candy: pocky sticks, and fruit flavored gummies, and mochi ice cream in their freezer section. They also have a tiny little bakery, and ice cream counter.

        I'd eat first, walk around the store for a while, and then buy the mochi/candy/bakery stuff. It's not a giant place, but it's kewl as hell.

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          Ah, I see. I initially looked at the Mitsuwa corporate page, which listed a large number of food vendors. Now that I see the Chicago directory, I see that it's not as big as I thought. Looks like a nicer, more Japan-centric version of an H Mart. I think it will hit the spot for a cheap, fun lunch.

    2. Looks like we will have time for a late breakfast/early lunch on Saturday as well.

      I appreciate any other recommendations.

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        Without question - head to Walker Bros. on Dundee road for breakfast. Do. Not. Go. Anywhere. Else.

        And you must try the apple pancake. It's legendary.

      2. last time i went to mitsuwa they were undergoing some changes / remodeling - some restaurants in the food court were not available. but the bubble tea place, ramen place, and the korean place are still open. santoka (the ramen chain restaurant) at mitsuwa is quite good. it tastes just like its siblings in japan.

        sushi station is basically sushi running around on a conveyor belt. fun place to eat, though not sure if it's open for lunch.
        1641 Algonquin Rd
        Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-4395

        india garden in schamburg has a decent lunch buffet. (buffet food in general is a less spicy than the a la carte , but still very authentic)
        754 E Schaumburg Rd
        Schaumburg, IL 60194

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        1. re: mountsac

          The Sushi Station is open for lunch, however by 11:40 it's packed...

        2. Thanks for the replies. We went to Misuwa and I tried Santouka. Absolutely loved it. I've been jonzing for ramen ever since. We followed it up with some delicious red bean and sesame ice cream from Leaf. Very cool place, and I look forward to going back.

          We also tried Walker Brothers, but we weren't as enthused. I ordered the apple pancake but could only eat about a quarter of it. It was massive, and way to sugary, like a giant sticky bun with some apples hiding under it. I got a side of corned beef hash that was just terrible. I would be willing to give the place another try but we didn't do so hot this time.

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          1. re: dinersaurus

            Next time you might want to try Johnnies Italian Beef and Italian Ice. My favorite is the Beef and Sausage sandwich. I am very picky about sausage and I'm good with Johnnies grilled Italian sausage.

            1935 S Arlington Heights Rd
            (between Golf Rd & Illinois Route 58)
            Arlington Heights, IL 60005

            (847) 357-8100