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Aug 5, 2009 08:30 AM

RI to Greensboro NC, any must eats?!

So I'm going to college in Greensboro, NC and my Dad and i are driving down towards the end of august, is there anywhere that we should stop? We love any kind of food and we are stopping in the DC area over night. Thanks!!

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  1. Do yourself a favor and have a bánh mì at Pakse Cafe in Greensboro. Its a complete hole-in-the wall Vietnamese sandwich place, but everything on the minimalist menu is excellent (get the pork bánh mì and the ultra-spicy papya salad for cheap) and the owners are super friendly. Its located in a rundown looking shopping plaza at 827 W Florida St. right off I-40 and not far from the Greensboro Coliseum. Its some of the best bánh mì you'll have anywhere. Awesome 'possum!!!

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      If you're going to do Vietnamese in Greensboro, Van Loi II is the only place to go. It's off of High Point Rd behind Van Scoy Diamonds. They specialize in Chinese style BBQ (whole ducks and pigs) and everything they make tastes extremely fresh and vibrant. Seafood salad, roast pork and any of the classics are amazing. Huge portions, too.

    2. Are you looking for recs in DC or in G'boro?

      1. Bianca's Italian, corner of Chapman and Spring Garden, 336-273-8114, for reservations, a must. Family owned, operated. Be there on time. Small restaurant, large, excellent reputation.

        1. Once you get to GSO I recommend going straight to Fishbones (NOT Bonefish) on the corner of Walker and Elam. Its a few blocks west of UNCG in a neighborhood business district. Excellent fried bologna sandwiches,fish tacos and blackened green beans.

          If you like burgers head to Fishers on N Elm St just north of Fisher Avenue.

          For a fine dinner, I recommend Undercurrent on Battleground.

          And for a wonderful lunch try the cheese and pate plate at Liberty Oak on Washington Street - very generous portions.

          1. Don't forget Stamey's in Greensboro. Fabulous Barbeque and get the peach cobbler.