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Aug 5, 2009 08:11 AM

Uh, Any Updates on CF Donovan's in Hyde Park?

Is this place going to open sometime in the next millennium?

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  1. It's only been about 3 years, what's the hurry? Seriously, I stopped asking them, but it would be great if they did. The Savin Hill location is still popular and quite good.

    1. I posted this on 7/21 . . . CF Donovan's in Hyde Park . . . finally?

      The following appeared in the 7/9/09 issue of the Hyde Park Bulletin . . .

      "Residents have waited over a year for C.F. Donovan’s restaurant to open on Hyde Park Avenue and soon, the wait will be over.

      The restaurant’s owner, Arthur Donovan, said he plans to open the restaurant in stages, beginning as early as this week. The first stage of openings will serve caterers and functions, he said.

      Licensing Board Chairman Daniel Pokaski said the restaurant had been holding onto a liquor license the entire time they were closed. According to Pokaski, Donovan told the board that he needed time to make renovations to the building, which took longer than he had expected.

      Donovan could not provide an exact date for when the entire restaurant would be functioning nor did he confirm what renovations had been made to the building. Lisa Timberlake, spokesperson for Boston Inspectional Services Department, (ISD), said the most recent document they have from C.F. Donovan’s is a certificate of occupancy and no paperwork filed asking for a health inspection.

      Residents still anticipate the opening will fill a much-needed void in the community."

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        Interesting that the article says residents have waited over a year. One of the earliest posts asking if it was open "yet" was in March 2007, by that time renovations had been in the works for a year. I really believe that if it ever does open it will do well. The Savin Hill location has a varied menu, the service is good and the food can be creative. It's a comfortable place to hang out with friends and it's also family friendly.