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Aug 5, 2009 08:10 AM

Suggestions For Good Spots Near Touristy Areas [London]

Hey, we're going to London for a week and i'm just looking for some recommendations as to eateries. We're looking for reasonable prices, nothing too expensive or fancy. Preferably small takeout places and restaurants , we're staying in the South by the London Bridge. I'm a sucker for good Indian and ive heard alot about the Indian there but we're open to anything. A good spot for fish and chips, a great pub meal etc.

We're trying to avoid the tourist traps, but since we're going to be doing all the typical touristy things (first time there) i'm afraid of walking into a place with garbage food.

Thanks guys

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  1. You won't go wrong if you hop on the Tube at London Bridge and go a few stops to Waterloo. In that area are the great pub, Anchor & Hope (no reservations, try to go early) and down Waterloo Road is Master's Superfish - maybe the best or at least one of the best fish and chip places in London.

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      Cool, what about bargain takeaway Indian? I keep hearing about a place called Tayyabs.

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        Tayyabs is great but is closed for Ramadan.
        If you are staying near London Bridge, you will be near Borough Market which you should defintiely not miss for all kind of foodie treats.
        And if you are in the Waterloo nearbourhood, Tas on the Cut (actually there is one near Borough market as well) or it's deli sister EV is pretty good for Turkish food.

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          Soho is an area filled with eating places - some takeaway and not that expensive. It's fun to wander the streets and see what you find. You'd probably like Chinatown.. lots of inexpensive choices there.

      2. Not sure which tourist spots you are hitting but if you want something a bit different Abeno near the British Musdeum or Obeno Too near Leicester Sq tube do Okonomiyaki-good food and great fun. if you need more info.

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          1. Try the Lanzhou style handpulled noodles at Noodle Bar, on Cranbourne Street, it's more or less between Covent Gardens and Leicester Square.

            1. Not sure what happened to my post, but will try this again. In London, I would advise to refrain from those all you can eat restaurants. Their quality is usually very ppor and most places can be very unhygenic.
              Also, trying to find somewhere cheap is not always the best as they would use sub-standard food like not using free range eggs, or not free range chickens etc.

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                ooh yes, avoid those all you can eat 'tai' buffets which advertise for £3.50 -£5 like the plague. Have posted on here about those before. What you don't realise is that all the stuff is synthetic meat and fish lookalikes and leave a very nasty aftertaste. The worrying thing is that they seem to be popping up all over london...........yuk