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Aug 5, 2009 07:31 AM

I-70 Ohio to Greenfield, IN

I'm going to be driving from Pittsburgh PA to Greenfield IN and I'm looking for a good stop for dinner along the way. We're looking for some good food but nothing fancy and preferably not too far off the highway (ie within a 10 or 15 minute drive).


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  1. About 5 miles north of I-70 & Rt. 13 (about 30-40 miles east of Columbus), there is the tiny town of Jacksontown. They have an old fashioned restaurant, Clark's Dining Room 740-323-3874, that is pretty famous for their fried chicken. It is an old National Road highway stop (corner of Rt 13 & Rt 40), been there about 100 years. They serve very limited dinners - fried chicken, ham & steak with all the fixins - family style. Around $15 per person including home made pie. THEY ONLY ACCEPT CASH.

    1. In the tiny town of Medway, there is a pretty good restaurant called Tavernette. To get there, you'd actually have to take the I-675 exit toward Cincinnati but you'd take the first turn, not the second which would lead you to I-675. Kind of an old-fashined steakhouse feel, decorated with all kinds of antiques in showcases throughout the dining area. They have a really good relish tray that comes with your meal as well as some excellent stewed tomatoes as a side option.

      The next exit over, State Route 235 in New Carlisle, features the Mel-O-Dee. Very popular with the locals, Mel-O-Dee serves a great broasted chicken, good burgers and some of the best cole slaw in the area.

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        We went to the Mel-O-Dee and had a wonderful experience. We didn't feel like waiting in line so we sat at the counter which was a lot of fun. Everyone else at the counter was really friendly along with the staff. Plus we got to watch all the various orders coming out to see what all the different options were. We both had the broasted chicken which was really good. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

      2. You might consider the Short North neighborhood in Columbus Oh - we've stopped there several times on our I-70 trips-
        My recommendation is Rigsby's - very nice food in a relaxed atmosphere - it is a real restaurant, so it's not a quick stop, but you needn't worry about how you are dressed, etc.