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Aug 5, 2009 07:11 AM

lunch on 209 between I-84 and I-80

Hi I'm traveling west from boston to kansas and I am planning on being on 209 around lunch time and I was wondering if there were any decent lunch stops in the area. It seems like there are slim pickings on I-80 so I was hoping maybe driving off the thruways will help. We have no dietary restrictions and are not looking for anything too fancy just some decent food and a break from driving.


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  1. Your best bet is probably to stop in Milford. The Hotel Fauchere is upscale in both cuisine and price while the Dimmick Inn is more in keeping with traditional Milford and is good for lunch. Also, the Milford Diner is decent, though I have only eaten breakfast there. Just south of I-80 in Delaware Water Gap is the Sycamore Grille. I haven't eaten there but others have said it is good for the area.

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      we ended up strapped for time so we just went to the milford diner. The servers were all really nice and the meal was decent and quick which is what we really needed. Definitely not the best diner food I have ever had, but not terrible.

    2. The Texas Lunch in Port Jervis has some really great Texas Weiners. You may want to call ahead since one of the reviews says they are closed in August.

      1. South of Bartonsville just off 209 on Hamilton Rd East in Snydersville is the wonderful Snydersville Diner. Whenever we visit relatives in the Tannersville/Stroudsburg area we stop by for a visit. True, it may seem to be an older crowd but they are there for the home cooking. My favorite is their roast beef. It's always fork tender. The menu is strictly diner food but everything seems to be made from scratch. A large variety of sides, pies and cakes (try the chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, if it's the right day) are available on a rotating basis. It tends to get busy around meal times so we try to arrive off hours. The line can get long but the wait isn't bad.