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Aug 5, 2009 06:59 AM

Bistro 1843 in L'ile Bizard

I was driving back from the golf course the other day and noticed there was a BYOW resto in L'ile Bizard called Bistro 1843 that I never heard of. Anyone out there been there, and is it worth a try? Would love to hear your comments.

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  1. Yes definitely give Bistro 1843 a try. In July 2010 we held my husband's parents' 65th wedding anniversary there and everyone said the food was really good. I had the Black Cod with Ginger Sherry Brown Butter Sauce (loosely translated) and the sauce was divine and the best black cod I have ever tasted. My husband had the lamb shank and my son had the beef with cognac peppercorn sauce...he licked the plate. It is run by a young chef and his young wife. Lovely.

    1. My inquiry got lost in another thread about Pointe Claire, so maybe the actual resto's thread will help.

      What's the menu like at 1843, I have heard good things about this place but can't seem to find a menu. I'm assuming they change it often. I have read some reviews on other sites that mention deer and venison which sounds good to me but maybe not so for others. Also, what are the price points? Thanks.

      1. I think it's one of the best restaurants on the Lakeshore. Not a lot of place in this converted ancestral home. Reservations are ofter booked out a month so don't ever show up without one.

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          Have you been? What's the menu like?
          It's not on Lakeshore though, it's in Ile Bizard on rue Cherrier, is it possible you are mixing it up with Le Gourmand?

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            Not Le Gourmand that is a great example of one of the worst restaurants on the Lakeshore. When I say Lakeshore I am referring to a geographical area not a road. !850 is in Isle Bizzard , left turn at the second light.The menu is French Cusine du Marche that changes daily. When I went I had a great lamb shank with a very nice Rhone. I cannot remember what my guest had but we both agreed that 1850 was a big repeater.