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Aug 5, 2009 06:50 AM

La Crosse WI question (and Chippewa Falls and Spooner)

Going on a motorcycle trip to Wisconsin and have a few questions that hopefully some Chowhounders can help with. The first night, we will be in La Crosse. Haven't been there for a few years. I thought I had heard that Mr. D's had closed. Was hoping to do breakfast there; anyone know if it is open? Also, any other places of note to go in La Crosse?

The next 2 nights will be spent in Chippewa Falls and Spooner. Never stayed overnight in either town. Is there anything in particular to check out?


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  1. Mr D's closed a few years ago-very sad. I would head to Fayze's downtown for breakfast.
    For dinner I would highly recommend Kate's on State by campus. It's wonderful Italian-it's on the pricey end but you could share plates and have more than enough food.
    I don't know anything about Chippewa but Spooner is supposed to have a nice little place on Main St. called Spooner Market and Grill-small and bistro like. They have a website with their menus as they change each week. Spooner golf course also has a nice Friday night fish fry!

    1. Don't miss Pearl's for ice cream, right on Pearl St & 2nd (we bought a pint to take home after stuffing ourselves). Also, Rudy's Drive in for an ok burger, but really good chicken strips and top-shelf cheese curds!

      1. Hope I'm not too late for your trip (I was eating in Duluth for a few days). I don't have any recent personal experience with Spooner, but someone just posted about Stout's Island Lodge, a new place in Birchwood, WI (between Spooner and Rice Lake). The chef is from Fugaise, a fancy French restaurant in Minneapolis that recently closed.

        And here's a relatively recent thread about eating in La Crosse.

        Have a great trip!

        1. When we were there for the Spooner Rodeo last month, we ate at a little place on 63 (cross street one of the tree-named streets north of the 70), in a log-cabin looking building. I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me (I am waiting for my brother to call me back with confirmation on the name). I had been one time before right after they opened. They do "poor-boy" style sandwiches amongst other things. I ordered the BLT and my brother got one of their poorboys. We also got the cheese curds (something I order pretty much evey place I go when visiting) which are good. My nieces got the grilled cheese and they were happy with it. I got a soup, which was decent. But the best thing of the whole meal was my BLT. My brother ended up eating most of it... his went to waste. I had ordered an italian poorboy the last time and liked it a lot. Very casual and not expensive at all.
          If you are interested in a fantastic fish fry and don't mind driving, head to Hayward - Musky capital of the world, about 30 minutes away from Spooner. In addition to it being the cutest little town with great shops, you may wish to visit it just for the delicious pretzels (they had sold out the day I left for the airport so I didn't get to bring any home - even though I bought some most of the days I was there) and baked goods and breads at the bakery or the candy store next door. Go past town on 77 to Lost Land Lake Lodge. They do the best fish fry out there, hands down. They have their all you can eat fish fry every day of the week. And their tartar sauce and coleslaw are not to be missed. Truly fantastic. Also, they have this "special" saturday salad that everyone raves about. I thought it was pretty damn good, too. On Saturdays, they have all-you-can-eat prime rib. Big, HUGE, juicy pieces... my brother had that. See link (restaurant menu is near the bottom).

          Also very good is Club 77 (on 77 and Twin Lake Road). They bring you fondue! YES fondue! It is so good and every time we go the service is great.
          Have a great trip!