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great cold soup recipe?

I'm having a foodie friend for dinner next week. It's a casual, outside thing....mostly food on the grill. I'm doing an upscale burger (from Jonathon Waxman's cookbook), and starting with
grilled shrimp and mango before that. I'd love to start with a cold soup. I made a wonderful watermelon soup with a crab topping for him recently. I've done the usual gazpacho, which I love. But I'd really like to do something different. I was looking for a cantaloupe soup recipe....thought that might be fun, and the melon is so sweet right now.
Any suggestions?

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  1. i, too, LOVE making cold soups in the summer. recently, i made a chilled avocado-cucumber-wasabi soup, and it was wonderful. it's my new favorite cold soup. very refreshing and green!

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      could you post a recipe? thanks.

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        This sounds terrific, I would love to try it out

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          I too love cold soups in the summer. What about a simple chilled honeydew or cantaloupe soup? I once made a refreshing cucumber honeydew soup - literally puree a sweet honeydew and a fresh (make sure not bitter) cucumber. Add a pinch of salt to taste/bring out sweetness, and come hot chili powder or cayenne for some zip. Amazing with a garnish of sweet nectarine and cilantro!


        2. Bittan has a great cold avo soup. You can probably find it on the NYT web site. You can serve it in a chilled wine glass.

          1. happens there was an avocado cucumber soup with dill in the NYTimes this morning. I was planning on trying it out tonight.


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              Thanks. If you make it, please post and let me know how you like it. I'm still trying to decide betweeen an avocado soup or a cantaloupe soup.

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                I made the recipe from the NYTimes (above) last night. I changed it some; I felt that one and a half cups of orange juice would drown out other flavors, so I only put in about a half cup. I upped both the water and the buttermilk. On tasting it I thought it needed more kick (who knows, maybe that's why it called for so much OJ) so I added quite a bit of cayenne-- perhaps 1/4 tsp-- and juice of half a lime (even though I wasn't having the lime-tossed shrimp on this soup). It was good- very refreshing. The avocado flavor wasn't very obvious though, it seemed mostly to add creaminess.

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                  I absolutely agree. I just made it myself. I used the initial 3/4 C OJ the recipe called for and it was marginally too sweet. I also added more salt and cayenne and will probably add more still to counter-balance the sweetness. I don't think I will add more water, but a bit more buttermilk seems like a good idea.

                  I was wondering about making it again, substituting wasabi for the cayenne. and using a bit of lime juice (maybe 1/4 C) instead of the OJ.

            2. Similar query last year & made cimui's rec of cold cucumber soup...loved it!


              1. I was listening to the KCRW Good Food podcast the other day and they were talking about a chiled peach soup which they said was not a dessert soup and was kind of unique to California. It involves cooking the peaches with wine.


                1. I make a king crab and sweet corn soup. I start by making a shellfish stock, primarily with my saved up shrimp shells, along with the shells from the king crab and some aromatics. Then I sweat a few shallots and add the kernels and milk from my sweet corn. Add in the stock (solids removed) and let this cook for about 40 minutes. Then add a a few sprigs of thyme (tied up for easy removal) and about half of your kind crab chopped up.

                  Let this cook for another ten minutes, remove the thyme and then puree it with an immersion blender. Season with salt, pepper and a little smoked paprika then add about a cup of cream. Taste and reason as needed. Serve with large king crab pieces on top and a few chives.

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                      I'm sorry, yes. You're gonig to do everything up until service, chill the soup and the reserved crab, then put them together in the dish. It is really really good.

                      I usually just use celery, onion and carrot as aromatics in the broth but have been known to throw in a poblano on occasion.

                  1. My SO makes lots of great soups including some really good cold soups in summer. But my all time favorite is an avocado cold soup with grilled corn. You don't really know the corn is there or that it's been grilled, but it adds an elusive something. Incredibly good. It's one of our rituals of summer. We haven't had it yet this year because the corn has just started coming in and isn't at its peak yet, so we are looking forward to it.

                    This may be more work than you want for this dinner since you are making other great things. But if it's not right for this event, make it another time soon. You will be happy you did:


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                      I made this corn and avocado soup last night for company. This was absolutely terrific. I used three ears of corn as some of the reviews on epicurious suggeted, otherwise followed quite closely. Next time I might add a few of the roasted kernels for garnish just to "remind" one of the corn flavor, as it *is* very subtle. I did not use the second avocado for garnish, but did use the cilantro oil and some thinned yogurt to drizzle on top. This is an elegant and impressive company dish.

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                        Yes -- is this stuff amazing or what? Our corn is just starting to come in here. This soup is at the top of my "request" list for SO to make.

                    2. Another thing you can do with melon is to make two melon soups with melons of different colors, and then pour them into two sides of the bowl so you get sort of a yin yang impression.

                      Again, if that's not more effort than makes sense for this time.

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                        I've done that with a hot soup, but haven't tried a cold version. It is a great presentation.

                      2. I am currently traveling and don`t have access to it, but I`ve tried making a melon soup w/ lavender which was good chilled. My favorite, though, is mango gazpacho. So easy, and quite refreshing (though not a main course type of soup. . .)

                        1. I really like Bobby Flay's White Gaspacho recipe for a cold soup - either as a starter, or even as a dessert soup. Check it out on the FN site.

                          1. I just posted a Cold Avocado Soup recipe in the Avocado thread. But my son's fave cold soup is this one:
                            Cold Yoghurt Cucumber Dill Soup
                            1 large container plain yoghurt (2% is fine as is 0% if you're watching)
                            1 small container sour cream (low fat OK, no fat is too gummy)
                            1 can low sodium chicken broth
                            juice of 1 lemon
                            1 large clove garlic minced
                            1 English cucumber chopped (not too small)
                            1 bunch dill chopped very finely
                            few springs mint chopped very finely (optional)
                            salt and pepper to taste (can also use lemon pepper)

                            Mix it all together in large bowl and refrigerate at least 4 hours.
                            Service in chilled bowls with spring of dill on top.

                            I also like to put this soup into a pitcher, as well as put my gazpacho into a separate pitcher and then pour the soups into a shallow soup/salad bowl at the same time for a ying/yang soup experience that looks gorgeous in the bowl.

                            1. I make brocolli soup & like it both hot & cold. I haven't tried it yet but this weekend I am making roasted pear soup (Michael Chiarello recipe) that can be served room temp. I'll post on here if it turns out good. Basically pears sauteed in butter, brown sugar, sage leaves, pureeed. I have made cantaloupe soup before & it was meh---melon has to be real sweet.

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                                OK, I made the pear soup and it was delicious. Next time I would add more sage--the flavor got kind of lost. Also, even though the recipe doesn't say it, thin with a little apple juice. It is on the Food Network site. I served at room temp.

                              2. Deborah Madison's Farmers Market cookbook has a wonderful cold melon soup made with coconut milk and jalapeno or another hot pepper. I have made it many times with ripe cantalope. I don't have the book with me but perhaps someone else will post it. It is delicious.

                                1. One of the first "real" meals I made was a summer brunch.
                                  started with a cold cantaloupe/honey dew melon soup.
                                  take roughly equal amounts of each melon.
                                  puree half of each and combine.
                                  finely chop half of each and combine.
                                  correct seasoning by adding a bit of sugar and/or fresh squeezed lime juice.
                                  top off with champagne and pour additional.
                                  float blackberries or blueberries on top if you want.

                                  rest of meal:
                                  spinach salad with strawberries and poppyseed dressing
                                  shirred eggs with crab
                                  grilled/roasted asparagus
                                  a hot creole/cajun sauce for eggs and veg
                                  home made sorbets: lime, mango, coconut

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                                    Madrid--Good idea. The best cold soup I ever had was at the American Bounty room at CIA many years ago. They had a honeydew and a cantaloupe version and they blew me away as I am NOT a fan of cold soups. The thing I remember most is the honeydew soup. One spoonful tasted like every honeydew melon in the world had been condensed into one soup spoon, it was that intense. Alas, they don't give out recipes, but I am sure somewhere you can find one for a soup like that. I would provide the rest of the meal information, but I have the menus at home and can't remember. I used to teach classes in Poughkeepsie for my company and on Wed night I always held a "dinner" over there. This was in the 1980's, so "a long time ago," but they served food that was as good as any I have ever eaten. If you ever get a chance to go, do so. They also have a French rest--the Escoffier Room, but it was too rich for my expense account budget!

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                                      This soup can be served hot or cold.
                                      Thinly slice about 3 cups of leeks
                                      about 3 cups of carrots
                                      6 cups stock ( I use veggie)
                                      Saute leeks in olive oil until wilted
                                      Add carrots and saute a few minutes
                                      add stock and bring to a boil, then simmer until carrots are soft
                                      remove to a blends ( I like to leave some carrots out of the blender for texture) then puree.
                                      Sprinkle with dill before serving

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                                        I love that area of NY and hope to go back and really sample the cheeses, produce, CIA, wine, etc. Only been once. I got the soup recipe from an old Bon Appetit magazine and made it during the very early 80's when I was in grad school at Stanford. Of course, you need a really good ripe honeydew and cantaloupe and since I was in Northern Calif, those were available, and then not mess with them much. Chilling it makes it similar to the Mexican liquados, which are also excellent showcases for perfectly ripe fruit.