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Aug 5, 2009 05:45 AM

great cold soup recipe?

I'm having a foodie friend for dinner next week. It's a casual, outside thing....mostly food on the grill. I'm doing an upscale burger (from Jonathon Waxman's cookbook), and starting with
grilled shrimp and mango before that. I'd love to start with a cold soup. I made a wonderful watermelon soup with a crab topping for him recently. I've done the usual gazpacho, which I love. But I'd really like to do something different. I was looking for a cantaloupe soup recipe....thought that might be fun, and the melon is so sweet right now.
Any suggestions?

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  1. i, too, LOVE making cold soups in the summer. recently, i made a chilled avocado-cucumber-wasabi soup, and it was wonderful. it's my new favorite cold soup. very refreshing and green!

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      could you post a recipe? thanks.

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        This sounds terrific, I would love to try it out

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          I too love cold soups in the summer. What about a simple chilled honeydew or cantaloupe soup? I once made a refreshing cucumber honeydew soup - literally puree a sweet honeydew and a fresh (make sure not bitter) cucumber. Add a pinch of salt to taste/bring out sweetness, and come hot chili powder or cayenne for some zip. Amazing with a garnish of sweet nectarine and cilantro!

        2. Bittan has a great cold avo soup. You can probably find it on the NYT web site. You can serve it in a chilled wine glass.

          1. happens there was an avocado cucumber soup with dill in the NYTimes this morning. I was planning on trying it out tonight.


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              Thanks. If you make it, please post and let me know how you like it. I'm still trying to decide betweeen an avocado soup or a cantaloupe soup.

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                I made the recipe from the NYTimes (above) last night. I changed it some; I felt that one and a half cups of orange juice would drown out other flavors, so I only put in about a half cup. I upped both the water and the buttermilk. On tasting it I thought it needed more kick (who knows, maybe that's why it called for so much OJ) so I added quite a bit of cayenne-- perhaps 1/4 tsp-- and juice of half a lime (even though I wasn't having the lime-tossed shrimp on this soup). It was good- very refreshing. The avocado flavor wasn't very obvious though, it seemed mostly to add creaminess.

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                  I absolutely agree. I just made it myself. I used the initial 3/4 C OJ the recipe called for and it was marginally too sweet. I also added more salt and cayenne and will probably add more still to counter-balance the sweetness. I don't think I will add more water, but a bit more buttermilk seems like a good idea.

                  I was wondering about making it again, substituting wasabi for the cayenne. and using a bit of lime juice (maybe 1/4 C) instead of the OJ.

            2. Similar query last year & made cimui's rec of cold cucumber soup...loved it!


              1. I was listening to the KCRW Good Food podcast the other day and they were talking about a chiled peach soup which they said was not a dessert soup and was kind of unique to California. It involves cooking the peaches with wine.