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Aug 5, 2009 05:12 AM

Providence Sunday P.M.?

Can anyone recommend a place in Providence open this Sunday for a celebratory dinner for four? Wanted to hit Al Forno or New Rivers but they apparently are closed Sundays.

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  1. Siena on Federal Hill is open Sunday nights.

    1. Pane E Vino is also open on Sunday.

      1. Just head to The many to choose from..Best deal..Angelo's under the pinapple !!

        Go Buddy Cianci !!!

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        1. re: eatsoupy

          Angelo's surely has its place....but if the OP was considering Al Forno or New Rivers, I don't think that's the place for them.

        2. Siena is delicious and always has great service and consistently delicious food. If you like pasta with meat sauce-try the bolognese. AMAZING.

          If it's a nice night you can go somewhere on the hill with a patio or outdoor seating such as Costantino's or Camilles (not sure whether they're open on sundays, but I believe they are).

          Bacaro is also delish. The owner/chef is the former chef @ Al Forno. I've been there several times-great drinks, food & service.

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          1. re: FoodMakesMeHappy

            Unless their web site is out of date, Bacaro is closed Sunday and Monday.

            1. re: invinotheresverde

              That is entirely possible-I didn't check their web-site prior to posting. Sorry!!

          2. I like Local 121! They're on Opentable. Just get their before 9pm (kitchen closes).