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Providence Sunday P.M.?

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Can anyone recommend a place in Providence open this Sunday for a celebratory dinner for four? Wanted to hit Al Forno or New Rivers but they apparently are closed Sundays.

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  1. Siena on Federal Hill is open Sunday nights.

    1. Pane E Vino is also open on Sunday.

      1. Just head to The Hill..so many to choose from..Best deal..Angelo's under the pinapple !!

        Go Buddy Cianci !!!

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          Angelo's surely has its place....but if the OP was considering Al Forno or New Rivers, I don't think that's the place for them.

        2. Siena is delicious and always has great service and consistently delicious food. If you like pasta with meat sauce-try the bolognese. AMAZING.

          If it's a nice night you can go somewhere on the hill with a patio or outdoor seating such as Costantino's or Camilles (not sure whether they're open on sundays, but I believe they are).

          Bacaro is also delish. The owner/chef is the former chef @ Al Forno. I've been there several times-great drinks, food & service.

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            Unless their web site is out of date, Bacaro is closed Sunday and Monday.

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              That is entirely possible-I didn't check their web-site prior to posting. Sorry!!

          2. I like Local 121! They're on Opentable. Just get their before 9pm (kitchen closes).


            1. Local 121 is different and real nice.
              But try Citysearch.com they give you the bets of whatevet you need