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Aug 5, 2009 02:12 AM

Paris in August with some Veg

Hi All

I will be in Paris for a few days this week with my hubby (who is a veggie). Any recommendations for restos (variety of price ranges) that could satisfy us both?


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  1. I'd suggest Alain Passard's L'Arp├Ęge....He serves almost exclusively vegetables, but I think you could find some fish on the menu, too. On the pricey side, but it's a Michelin-star kind of place.

    1. Is your DH vegetarian or a vegan? This makes a big difference as far as your options go. Keep in mind, especially if he's vegan, that many vegetable dishes will be prepared with butter, chicken broth, and the like. If on the other hand he's lacto/ovo, you shouldn't have much difficulty. There's a very good vegetarian restaurant with vegan menu options near Notre Dame. The name escapes me at the moment though. Also, how strict is your DH regarding the preparation of his food? Would it be an issue if his dish was prepared on the same grill or in the same pan that a meat dish was just cooked in? Another consideration is that people in different places have a different concept of vegetarianism/veganism. For instance, a soup might be prepared with a "soup bone." Some would consider it a non-meat dish simply because the bone was used for flavoring the soup and no actual chunks of meat appear in the soup once it's presented at the table. He's probably encountered such issues at home. You can imagine how the issue becomes compounded when you factor in a culture known for its use cheeses, eggs, cream, butter, etc. You'll easily find Indian restaurants. There's also Maoz's, which is a falafel place. Were you primarily looking for places offering traditional French cooking??? At any rate, have a wonderful time on your trip!