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Aug 5, 2009 01:25 AM

Best Artisan Producers Western Mass

Looking for suggestions for cheese, pig, tomatoes, etc.

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  1. Going to the farmer's markets and the co-ops (Green Fields Market in Greenfield, River Valley Market in Northampton) may be your best bet to become familiar with the options. Also, Valley Green Feast delivers some great, locally-produced stuff:

      1. re: Lenox637

        A resounding second. Was at the Pittsfield Farmers Market yesterday and met the new baker--knew there had to be someone new when I starting seeing real croissants showing up at the markets (pastry making and bread baking being different skill sets.) Anyhow, introduced myself to this talented new baker and promptly forgot his name. By the way, for $2 a croissant (plain or chocolate) this is the best deal around....'cept you need to find them at the bakery (I assume) or at one of the markets.
        also found out it is yet another baker who does their very interesting baklava.
        Of course, the bread is all world class.

        1. re: Lenox637

          Just need to thank you for posting that - yesterday as I was driving back here to DC from Northampton I remembered seeing this post, so I decided to take a detour and find the Berkshire Mountain Bakery. Wow. I got a loaf of still-warm potato onion bread that had the texture of a brioche, a loaf of chocolate bread that was about 2/3 gorgeous chocolate, and an herb-cheese mini-ciabatta that I ate greedily in the parking lot... absolutely spectacular. The only catch is that now I'm always going to have to take a side trip through the Berkshires when I'm driving to New England!

          1. re: rarotonga

            That is SO funny... those are my three favorite breads from Richard.

            1. re: Lenox637

              Me too! The herb-cheese and the jalapeno mini chabattas are great toasted. Just slice, keep in freezer, and toast as needed. The pizza crusts are also fab. I like the plain, whole wheat ones to add my own toppings.

              1. re: City Kid

                I too second the recommendations of the chocolate bread and the jalapeno mini ciabatta from Berkshire Mountain Bakery -- a great and welcome find in the Berkshires. That herb-cheese was pretty good as well. We too will keep an eye out for that potato onion!

            2. re: rarotonga

              Glad you enjoyed it! I'm completely smitten with the chocolate/sourdough combination, 'cept I eat too much of it. And I have to admit I've never tried the potato onion which is now on my radar!

          2. You want Western Mass only or New England in general?

            I am a big fan of Ej Jardin bread.

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              Just Western Mass, headed out to Tanglewood for a couple of days.+

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                soco ice cream in great barrington