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Aug 4, 2009 11:33 PM

The Best Thai dish on this side of the Atlantic. And some of the Pacific

After twelve years of searching, I finally found the best Thai dish in North America. Please check out my latest and biggest discovery so far:

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  1. Fantastic! Thanks for the heads up. I've been unable to find horapa in Ottawa or Toronto, and when I visit Vancouver in the next while, I know where to go! (Excited for the Pad Ki Mow, which is my favourite dish!)

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    1. re: vorpal

      You're welcome. Pad kee mao at Thai Basil is great. You won't be disappointed. I'm glad you like the story:)

      1. re: CheapAppetite

        Thanks for the tip....and I'm with you on using subsitutions for certain ingredients. Hard to find good Thai in this town. Is the place run by Thais?

        1. re: fmed

          Yes it does. The owner and chef name is Goh. He cooked Pad Krapow and Pad Keemao exactly like what you can find in Thailand. I haven't tried other dishes there yet. I went back there again yesterday and still ordered Pad Krapow Beef. It was so good. lol

          1. re: CheapAppetite

            Thanks for the tip, CA. I've been meaning to try Thai Basil since it opened as there was some initial buzz about it but it had fallen off the radar. I've also bookmarked your blog -- nice!

            As for not ordering other dishes, I don't blame you a bit. After 12 years you deserve to gorge on your beloved Pad Krapow Nua :-). Sounds like a Thai Chowdown may be in order to test out their other offerings...

            1. re: grayelf

              Thanks Greyelf for your comment and for bookmarking my blog:) I normally do have the authentic pad krapow every few years when I visit Thailand. But now I can have it more often than that. What a great find!

              1. re: grayelf

                I've been there before for lunch but was disappointed with the pad thai (too soggy). I'll have to give them another go to check out other menu items.

                I'd be up for a Thai Chowdown but Thai Basil is probably too small... unless we could book it out. I think the whole place maybe seats 8-10 people.

                1. re: twinkienic

                  Thanks for sharing. I will keep in mind not to order pad thai there. But I would probably order Pad Kraprow or Pad Keemao at Thai Basil anyway. It's good to stick with what you know. I should write about an authentic Pad Thai place in the near future. Let me do some more researches first. So far, I found a couple of places that came very close but NOT a hundred percent yet. One easy tip is to ask the waiter/waitress if they use ketchup or tamarind in their pad thai. Avoid the ones that use ketchup. Only try if they use tamarind.

                  It's a cool idea for a Thai Chowdown. I would love that. But I agree that Thai basil is quite small.


      2. Thanks for the great tip, and fun blog. I, too, have it bookmarked. Must try Thai Basil soon!

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        1. re: moltmonster

          Hey Molt Monster,
          Thanks for your great comment:) I'm glad you have bookmarked my blog. It makes all the hours I spent writing and re-writing worthwhile. I hope you enjoy either pad grapow or pad kee mao as much as I do:0)