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Aug 4, 2009 11:03 PM


We are heading to the Carcassonne area for a week. Any ideas for good food? Formal thru to casual are all of interest. Thanks in anticipation.

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  1. When you say Carcassonne area, how do you mean? How far from the city are you likely to be travelling?

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      We and some other restaurantors had a wonderful lunch two years ago at Le Languedoc in Carcassonne. We were on a search for the best cassoulet we could find while on a wine visit to the region and multiple wine makers recommended this restaurant to us. It was very good. It was slightly unconventional in that the cassoulet was ladeled out of a huge cassole/pan to us at the table rather than being served in individual cassoles with a crusty top. We had quite a few cassoulets served in cassoles in the area but none of the cassoulets were as good as the one at Le Languedoc.

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        We are near Routier for a week but will travel. good local shop recommendations also appreciated.

      2. Some notes from a wine trip I organised 2 years ago as an introduction to the wines of languedoc for our wine society (we based ourseleves at "le Donjon" in Carcassonne's Cité Médiévale). Note that the info might be out of date

        Auberge des Lices (Cité médievale) +++ for their "Cassoulet Languedocien"
        Hotel Moderne et Pigeon in Limoux: ++++ remarquable meal & wines, top service.
        Auberge de Cucugnan: +++ Nice simple auberge at the foot of the Queribus castle.
        Adelaide (Cité médievale): ++ split decision... Nice tartines, but tough steack.
        Relais Chantovent in Minerve +++ Another nice auberge
        Brassserie de l'Hotel du Donjon (Cité Medievale) --- Avoid at all costs
        Bergerie d'Aragon in Aragon ++++ Fantastic meal with matching wines, worth the trip!

        Hope this helps!

        1. Phil,

          We had a really fabulous lunch in late 2007 at Le Comte Roger, right in the center of the medieval city. We had not reserved anywhere and Le Donjon was fully booked (the tour bus crowd was there in full force) so as we wandered down the street we noticed the sign listing the daily specials outside this place, which was obviously quite new at the time, and they were serving pintade (guinea hen) so we decided to try it. It was superb, and the desserts were also excellent (I think the 2-course lunch was 22 euros per).

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            To rrems:

            Glad to hear you missed "Le Donjon", you were lucky! I took note of the Comte Roger for next time.
            We were not in a bus tour (only 14 people) but this is what I wrote to my French correspondant at the time:
            " 20H00 Dîner cathare à la Brasserie de l’Hôtel du Donjon Service Brasserie dans le sens péjoratif (surtout ne pas sourire, on se fout du client car il ne reviendra pas…) Foie gras OK, cassoulet style cantine, poire au vin ratée. Recommandation : --- Eviter à tous prix ! Je vais écrire à Best Western."
            . terrine de foie gras de canard maison et son verre de muscat de St Jean
            . Cassoulet au confit de canard, rouge Vin rouge Meunier St Louis
            . Poire au vin des Corbières et son sorbet croquant aux amandes
            I did not write to Best Western, too lazy...

          2. Thanks for all the recomedations, the place was mobbed today so we avoided food.

            Last night we ate at Domaine Gayda in Brugairoll, it is a big winery with a well situated restaurant with a great view to the mountains. Food was good, a menu at €49 including aperitiff, half a bottle of wine, and coffee. Four courses including an amuse, pre dessert and coffee with petit fours. The cooking was fine and the cooking good including a nice warm Foie Gras with vanilla sauce and suckling pig.

            Into the hills to look at some castles over the next few days, let me know if you have any thoughts in other towns in Aude.

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              I have to second the rec at Le Languedoc..... best cassoulet on our trip just this May/June.

              Apparently the chef came from a long line of prominent chefs, the wife is also involved in the business and they seemed so nice and humble. The chef came out to say hello to all the tables. It was one of my favourite meals.

              Oh ya, a very very good selection of cheeses on their cheese cart.

              Had some difficulty finding recs for good places inside the Medieval City, our lunch there was a bit of a waste of calories.