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Aug 4, 2009 09:19 PM

Best BBQ - Tyler TX?

The only reason I'm going to my high school reunion in Tyler TX (from San Diego) this month is to eat as much barbecue in one weekend as I can. Please steer me to the right place(s). Thanks!

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  1. I recommend taking Highway 31 east from Tyler towards Kilgore for Country Tavern.

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    1. re: Otius Gojius

      Anybody have an opinion on Louie Mueller's at 206 W 2nd in Tyler? How's it compare to Lockhart BBQ? I'm gonna be highballin' thru Tyler next month ... heard it was good. If not, I'll stock up at Black's or Smitty's & not even slow down in Tyler.

      1. re: EdLagniappe

        Someone is either joking or very confused. There is no Louie Mueller's in Tyler and there is no barbecue joint at 206 W. 2nd. That address is Bergfeld Park. What gives?

        1. re: ddavis

          My screwup ... he's in Taylor TX ... waaaay before I get to Tyler. I just thought I'd misspelled the city name in my PDA

          1. re: EdLagniappe

            As for Louie Mueller's in Taylor -- wonderful. My favorite of all the big names. I go out of my way to stop by there when in the Austin area.

    2. I agree with Otius Gojius -- Country Tavern is a classic for pork ribs. Another good rib place is Rib Masters in Whitehouse, about 10 miles south of Tyler. The only good brisket in town is at Stanley's, which is inconsistent. Don't expect to find the best of Texas barbecue in Tyler -- it's just not to be found.

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      1. re: ddavis

        Thanks for the help. I'll be driving from Tyler to Dallas. Anything in between?

        1. re: pickypicky

          Just a long boring stretch of road.

          1. re: pickypicky

            Baker's Ribs at Canton is my favorite.

          2. re: ddavis

            East Texas Bar-B-Q -- ain't no such thing!

            1. re: Johanng

              Well, it's not Central Texas barbecue, but it is barbecue.

          3. Bodacious Bar-B-Q is the BEST brisket and sauce ever! The one in Tyler on Troup Hwy and the one in Longview are great. It is my fav.

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            1. re: txstarr

              The simple fact that their brisket requires sauce already shows it ain't anything to get my hopes up for! Makes me think it's as low as the level of Bill Miller's or Rudy's! Maybe I'll pack a PB&J for my trip.

              1. re: EdLagniappe

                How is Stanley's BBQ in Tyler? I am going there for the first time later this week-anyone have recommendations on what to order?

                1. re: shannydiva

                  Stanley's is inconsistent, but if you catch it on a good day the brisket can be good -- just be sure to ask for the fatty brisket or it can be dry. Not worth a special trip to get it, but if you're in Tyler it's probably about the best you can do.

                2. re: EdLagniappe

                  Bodacious is standard chain barbecue. OK if it's the only choice you have and you are hungry for barbecue.

                  1. re: ddavis

                    Thanks for the info on Tyler guys ... guess I'll bring a sack of ribs or fatty brisket from Lockhart as I drive through.

              2. Damn, that mention of Louie Mueller's managed to raise my hopes about 23 inches. But I knew it was too good to be true. Food is not my hometown's strongpoint. As for Stanley's, thanks for the tip on asking for the fat. That's what I probably need to do in every joint I visit. For some reason, they think chicks like it lean.

                1. No such thing as BBQ in East Texas. They use the wrong kind of wood, they put that gooie sweet stuff on the meat, and they cook it too fast! Overall (and I have eaten BBQ all over Texas, the Hill Country has the best.

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                  1. re: Johanng

                    Going there after reunion. Anything good close to Fredericksburg?

                    1. re: pickypicky

                      I'm pretty well versed in BBQ being a native Texan BBQ eater and smoker back in the day when I had more time. As far as ribs are concerned, I've never, never, had ribs better than the Country Tavern. In fact I just had ribs from Dreamland in Alabama driving back from the beach in Florida and they weren't even close.

                      1. re: J.R.

                        On a trip down to Jefferson, TX two weeks ago, we stopped off at Stanley's BBQ in Tyler-we must have caught them on a good day because the food was excellent. The Brother-In-Law Sandwich and the Potato Salad were so good. I'd drive the 2 hours there from Plano to go get some of the BBQ again some weekend-plan on driving a little extra next time I go to First MondayTrade Days in Canton to stop by Stanley's for lunch.

                      2. re: pickypicky

                        Cooper's in Llano or Mason - each about 30 miles from Fburg. ... Despite the same name, the stores are not related, and opinions vary as to which is better. I have only been to the Cooper's in Llano, driving all the way from Dallas two times in two weeks just for the Q, and I must say that it is hard to go wrong with the "Big Chop" - thickest and juiciest piece of pork that you may ever enjoy.

                      3. re: Johanng

                        It seems that you think your word is final and not to be questioned regarding BBQ. Hate to bust your bubble, but hickory is what they cook with mainly in E.TX and it is probably the favorite nationwide. You think they cook it too fast? What is that opinion based on? Did you read in a book that low and slow was the only way to go? Low and slow, or high heat method both work great in the hands of someone that knows what they are doing. You favor the Hill Country BBQ? Kreuz Market in Lockhart is a Hill Country icon and they do fifteen pound shoulder clods in four and a half to five hours at close to six hundred degrees, briskets in six hours at two to two hundred fifty degrees less but well above low and slow standards. I bet you rave about their product, dont you. the way, that gooey sweet stuff on some BBQ that you disparage, have a glance around your local grocer's condiment isle next time you are in the store. It seems an awful lot of folks like BBQ sauce, even the lower quality store bought kind sells really well. Some souls just like it, not to hide the meat but to enhance it. All regional variations of BBQ are good to me. We all like what we like and that is just skippy with me, just dont be tiresome and condescending with your opinions. There is such a thing as BBQ in East Texas and it IS good.