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Aug 4, 2009 09:16 PM

Recs for U of Pitt area

Staying near U of Pitt Sunday night.....would like casual, fun, ethnic ok...staying on Hamlet St. Walking distance would be great!

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  1. Well you gotta go to the "O".

    Hot dogs are awesome... Fries are enormous (a small is more than enough for one person).

    1. in oakland, you've got to hit up spice island tea house: pan-asian, rice and noodle dishes are huge and amazing. also, obviously, an extensive tea list.

      if you're willing to drive or take a bus (500) out of oakland, check out hoi polloi on the northside. small veg. cafe with great baked goods and soups. especially good for breakfast.

      1. I second the rec for Spice Island tea house- really good, cheap Asian food. A little more casual is Oshii Bento ( Walking distance from Pitt, delicious sushi and Korean bento boxes.

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          Just so the OP doesn't get the wrong impression, Spice Island is in no way shape or form anything but casual!

        2. definitely agree with the spice island rec. and the "o" is a classic for late night eats.

          also if you have any room after dinner, dave & andy's is right up atwood st from spice island. some great ice cream with fresh made waffle cones.

          oh and of course there is a primanti brothers location right on forbes ave for the ubiquitous pittsburgh sandwich.

          1. LuLu's Noodles on Craig Street is also a good option for cheap but really good Asian noodle dishes. No alcohol, though.

            O is definitely late-night eating, not dinner.