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Aug 4, 2009 09:09 PM

Nicest/ Best Looking dining room in nyc

looking for a beautiful room in nyc to hold a baby shower. what is the nicest dining room in nyc?

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  1. "Nicest-best looking" is so subjective. Different people wll have totally different opinions. I think it would help if you gave us an idea of what style you have in mind - upscale, homey, a room with great views, a great garden? Also price and type of food as well as how many people you're expecting to attend will help get you replies you can use.

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      thanks, something fancy for 30 people. any kind of food. budget really depends on what is offered. i was on country's website and thought it looked lovely.

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        Country's formal dining room closed quite some time ago. The Cafe at Country remains open, but I'd stay far, far away.

        Since 30 people will be attending, do you want a private room?

    2. On a sunny day the dining room at Eleven Madison is beautiful. They also have an upstairs pvt room, but I don't recall if there are windows there such that you can see out.

      Marea is also very well done.

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        private room would be nice but it's not a must. thanks for the info about country RGR, i'm guessing you're not a fan of the food?

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          We never ate at Country. We have eaten in the Cafe twice. The last time, two years ago, we encountered several serious problems both with the food and service. Since then, I've had a conversation with a former employee who told me he left because things had fallen completely apart. Also, the Cafe is on the basement level. Not much light coming in there. The room is dominated by a huge bar around which tables are situated. Hardly the beautiful room you are looking for.

          comiendosiempre is correct that EMP's space is grand and strikingly beautiful. During the day, with the light streaming through the huge windows facing Madison Square Park, it's magical. There are two private room upstairs, both of which have windows which look out towards the park. (There are filmy draperies for privacy.) Reserving them does not come cheap. The main dining room is very spacious, so it may be possible to have your party there with no additional cost.

      2. By most conventional standards, Per Se would probably be the best looking dining room in NYC. With Keller's fanatical, borderline insane devotion to detail (e.g. ripping out the entire tile floor and redoing it because he didn't like how a couple of tiles were aligned in one corner), luxuriously spaced out tables, a fourth floor view of Columbus Circle, and Adam Tihany's design work, how could it not be impressive? That said, I'm pretty sure that's not the price range you're looking for. The newly refreshed Daniel supposedly looks terrific as well and is perhaps more classically beautiful, with a much more contemporary feel than its old look. The space it occupies has an interesting history, as it also housed Le Cirque way back in its glory days.

        Another candidate would be the main Dining Room at the Modern. It's a very sleek and elegant looking space, but the scene outside the window is what makes it exceptional: the MoMA Sculpture Garden. Honestly, what restaurant could possibly compete with Picasso's She-Goat grazing in plain view?

        1. BG at Bergdorf Goodman is not only gorgeous, I believe it would be ideal for a baby shower.