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Aug 4, 2009 09:05 PM

Any opinions on Slate or Noble American Cookery near Rittenhouse Square?

These are both new places . We are staying near Rittenhouse Square without transport so we thought these two places might be worth a try. Any opinions?

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  1. I,ve dined at Noble twice...once right after they opened and last saturday[8/1]. Very good both times and they have lowered the prices a bit. I had the scallop app,sable entree and blueberry-peach cobbler. Also a side of delicious local veggies.The entree was great. Ask to sit upstairs as they did a great renovation. Good eating!!

    1. here's a review of slate..I haven't heard much buzz about it on the forum. Probably decent but nothing amazing. Moderately priced.

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        I ate dinner upstairs at Noble on a Friday night awhile ago. I thought the food was quite good but extremely pricey. I'm glad to hear that prices went down. I liked the atmosphere on the 2nd floor since it's such a cool space. There weren't many people eating dinner but the bar downstairs was pretty packed. I liked Noble but won't be going back since there's so many other places in the city.

        1. re: phillyjules

          That was my impression as well. The food ranged from good to very good, but I didn't really feel like I got my money's worth, and nothing I had was so awesome that I wanted to go back. That was before they lowered prices, though. I did really like their all-American wine and beer list, and their commitment to serving grass-fed beef (which was one of the better things I had there). The space is very nice.

          If I was staying in Rittenhouse I would go to Tinto or Pub and Kitchen first. Meme and the new Oyster House are also very good and close by.

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            Thanks Buckethead. The Oyster place is probably out as I am allergic.

      2. If it were me I'd go for a sidewalk table at Rouge, Devon Seafood or Parc.

        Also, I've been wanting to try Melograno, an Italian no reservations BYOB near Rittenhouse Square.

        Tinto is tapas, small bites with a big price, served up by acclaimed chef Jose Garces. Very chic.